CUREosity, a MedTech company based in Düsseldorf, Germany, recently announced the successful completion of a €3.8M growth financing round. This round saw participation from existing investor TechVision Fund (TVF), Belgian family office Nomainvest, and other new co-investors. The funding will enable CUREosity to further advance its innovative solutions and expand its market presence. This article delves into the significance of this financing round, the company’s history, its groundbreaking technology, and the implications for the future of medical technology.

The Financing Round and Its Implications
Details of the Financing Round
On Monday, CUREosity secured €3.8M in a growth financing round aimed at scaling its market reach and enhancing its innovative therapy solutions. The round included contributions from:

TechVision Fund (TVF): An existing investor specializing in medical technology, which has been supporting CUREosity since 2021.
Nomainvest: A Belgian family office known for investing in promising tech ventures.
New Co-Investors: Other unnamed investors also joined the round, reflecting growing confidence in CUREosity’s potential.
Support from Law Firms
The financing round was supported by the law firms ADVANT Beiten and Forvis Mazars, which provided legal and advisory services to ensure a smooth and compliant transaction.

Strategic Goals
Caesar van Heyningen, CEO of CUREosity, emphasized the strategic importance of this financing round. He stated, “The current successful course – consisting of scaling markets and high-quality updates of our therapy software – is strengthened by this financing. We plan to invest heavily in commercial expansion, incorporating tomorrow’s technological possibilities into our product roadmap today. With this financing round, we can ensure financial independence and sustainable business operations. A privilege – especially in tight market conditions.”

The Birth of CUREosity
Founders’ Personal Experiences
CUREosity was founded based on the personal experiences of its founders—Thomas Saur, Stefan Arand, and Marco Faulhammer. Their journey began with a profound personal motivation to revolutionize therapy through technology.

Thomas Saur: In 2000, after a car accident, Saur’s infant son suffered from paraplegia. Dissatisfied with existing rehabilitation methods, Saur sought better solutions.
Stefan Arand and Marco Faulhammer: Both co-founders faced similar challenges in finding effective therapies, which inspired them to create a new therapeutic approach combining their experiences with advanced technology and neuroscientific insights.
Founders’ Expertise
The founders bring significant technical know-how to CUREosity, thanks to their extensive experience in 3D visualization and the creation of application concepts in IT and scientific sectors. Their technical skills, combined with their personal motivation, laid the foundation for developing CUREO, CUREosity’s flagship product.

CUREosity’s Innovative Technology
CUREO: Virtual Reality Therapy
CUREosity is renowned for its Virtual Reality (VR) therapy system, CUREO, designed for clinics and practices. This system leverages VR to create immersive therapeutic environments that enhance patient engagement and outcomes.

Key Advantages of CUREO
Evidence-Based Therapeutic Success: CUREO’s VR-based therapy has demonstrated significant efficacy in clinical settings, offering robust therapeutic benefits.
Sustainable Relief of Personnel: By automating and enhancing therapy processes, CUREO helps reduce the burden on healthcare professionals.
Increased Patient Motivation: The gamification of therapy sessions through VR increases patient engagement and compliance.
Wide Range of Applications: CUREO can be used across various therapeutic domains, including physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and neuropsychology.
Easy and Intuitive Usability: The system is designed to be user-friendly, allowing seamless integration into clinical workflows.
Global Reach and Applications
CUREO’s software is currently used in 24 countries worldwide, showcasing its broad applicability and acceptance in diverse healthcare settings. The 50 training programs available in 7 modules cater to different therapeutic needs, making CUREO a versatile tool in modern therapy.

Investor Insights
TechVision Fund (TVF)
TVF is an early-stage venture capital firm focused on technology companies with transformative potential. The firm’s investment strategy centers around early involvement, primarily targeting Seed-stage investments, with occasional initial investments in Series A.

TVF’s Investment Focus
TVF’s portfolio spans various sectors, including:

Internet of Things (IoT)
Digital solutions
New materials
TVF’s Support for CUREosity
Björn Lang, Partner at TVF, highlighted the societal relevance of CUREosity’s solutions, particularly in addressing the shortage of skilled workers in the therapy field. Lang stated, “CUREosity solves the problem of the shortage of skilled workers in the field of therapy. Especially due to demographic change, smart solutions like CUREO are highly relevant to society. We look forward to participating in the solutions and successes in the future.”

Nomainvest, a Belgian family office, joined the growth financing round, reflecting its confidence in CUREosity’s innovative approach and market potential. Nomainvest’s involvement brings additional financial strength and strategic support to the company.

The Future of CUREosity
Commercial Expansion
With the new funding, CUREosity plans to invest heavily in commercial expansion. This includes scaling its market presence, entering new geographical regions, and increasing its customer base. The company aims to leverage the latest technological advancements to enhance its product offerings and stay ahead of industry trends.

Technological Advancements
CUREosity is committed to incorporating cutting-edge technological possibilities into its product roadmap. This includes further development of VR therapy, integration of artificial intelligence (AI) for personalized therapy plans, and continuous updates to its therapy software to ensure high-quality outcomes.

Financial Independence and Sustainability
The successful financing round ensures CUREosity’s financial independence and sustainable business operations. This financial stability allows the company to focus on long-term strategic goals and maintain its innovative edge in the competitive MedTech landscape.

The Impact of VR Therapy on Healthcare
Enhancing Patient Outcomes
VR therapy, as exemplified by CUREO, has the potential to significantly enhance patient outcomes. By creating immersive and engaging therapeutic environments, VR therapy can improve patient motivation, adherence to treatment plans, and overall therapeutic success.

Addressing Skilled Worker Shortages
The healthcare industry is facing a growing shortage of skilled workers, particularly in therapy and rehabilitation. VR therapy solutions like CUREO can help address this challenge by automating parts of the therapy process and enhancing the efficiency of healthcare professionals.

Expanding Access to Therapy
VR therapy can expand access to high-quality therapeutic interventions, particularly in underserved regions. By leveraging technology, CUREosity can deliver effective therapy solutions to patients who may not have access to traditional therapy services.

Challenges and Opportunities
Navigating Regulatory Landscapes
One of the challenges for MedTech companies like CUREosity is navigating complex regulatory landscapes. Ensuring compliance with healthcare regulations and obtaining necessary certifications are critical for market entry and expansion.

Keeping Pace with Technological Advancements
The rapid pace of technological advancements in VR and healthcare requires continuous innovation. CUREosity must stay at the forefront of these developments to maintain its competitive edge and deliver state-of-the-art therapy solutions.

Building Strategic Partnerships
Building strategic partnerships with healthcare providers, research institutions, and other stakeholders is essential for scaling operations and enhancing the impact of VR therapy. Collaborative efforts can drive further innovation and expand the reach of CUREO.

CUREosity’s recent €3.8M growth financing round marks a significant milestone in its journey to revolutionize therapy through Virtual Reality. With strong support from investors like TechVision Fund and Nomainvest, the company is well-positioned to advance its innovative solutions and expand its market presence. The founders’ personal experiences and technical expertise have shaped CUREosity’s mission to provide effective and engaging therapy solutions. As the company moves forward, it aims to leverage the latest technological advancements to enhance patient outcomes, address skilled worker shortages, and expand access to high-quality therapy. The future looks promising for CUREosity as it continues to innovate and lead the way in the MedTech industry

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