K-Pop idols are known for their incredible talent and charisma on stage, but many of them also possess impressive entrepreneurial skills. These idols have ventured into various business sectors, from fashion and beauty to restaurants and entertainment companies. Here’s a detailed look at the top 10 businesses owned by K-Pop idols, showcasing their diverse talents and entrepreneurial acumen.

  1. Jessi – P Nation
    Business: Entertainment Company

Details: Jessi, a popular K-Pop solo artist, joined forces with Psy to launch P Nation in 2019. P Nation is an entertainment company that focuses on nurturing and managing artists. It has quickly become a powerhouse in the K-Pop industry, signing prominent artists like HyunA, Dawn, and Crush. Jessi’s involvement in P Nation not only highlights her business acumen but also her dedication to supporting fellow artists.

    Business: Fashion Brand

Details: G-Dragon, the leader of BIGBANG, is renowned for his unique sense of style. In 2016, he launched PEACEMINUSONE, a fashion brand that reflects his eclectic and avant-garde fashion tastes. The brand offers a range of products, including clothing, accessories, and even home decor. PEACEMINUSONE has garnered a global following, with fans eager to own a piece of G-Dragon’s distinctive style.

  1. Jay Park – AOMG and H1GHR MUSIC
    Business: Entertainment Companies

Details: Jay Park, a former member of 2PM, is a prominent figure in the K-Pop and hip-hop scenes. He founded AOMG (Above Ordinary Music Group) in 2013, which has become a leading hip-hop and R&B label in South Korea. In 2017, he co-founded H1GHR MUSIC, an international label aiming to bridge the gap between Korean and American artists. Both companies have signed numerous successful artists and have significantly influenced the Korean music industry.

  1. Sooyoung (SNSD) – Beaming Effect
    Business: Eyewear Brand

Details: Sooyoung, a member of Girls’ Generation (SNSD), co-founded Beaming Effect, an eyewear brand that combines fashion and functionality. The brand offers stylish, high-quality eyewear designed to protect eyes from harmful blue light. Beaming Effect has been well-received for its trendy designs and practical benefits, catering to fashion-forward individuals who spend long hours in front of screens.

  1. Jessica Jung – Blanc & Eclare
    Business: Fashion and Lifestyle Brand

Details: Jessica Jung, a former member of Girls’ Generation, launched Blanc & Eclare in 2014. The brand started with a focus on eyewear and has since expanded to include clothing, accessories, skincare, and even cafes. Blanc & Eclare is known for its minimalist aesthetic and high-quality products, appealing to fashion-conscious consumers worldwide.

  1. Seungri (BIGBANG) – Aori Ramen
    Business: Restaurant Chain

Details: Before his retirement from the entertainment industry, Seungri of BIGBANG founded Aori Ramen, a popular ramen restaurant chain. Aori Ramen offers authentic Japanese ramen in a stylish and comfortable setting. The restaurant quickly gained popularity in South Korea and expanded to multiple locations internationally, attracting both locals and tourists.

  1. Sungmin (Super Junior) – Wearsang
    Business: Fashion Brand

Details: Sungmin, a member of Super Junior, co-founded Wearsang, a fashion brand that focuses on casual and comfortable clothing. The brand emphasizes simplicity and versatility, offering pieces that can be easily mixed and matched. Wearsang has gained a loyal following among fans who appreciate its understated yet stylish designs.

  1. Amber Liu – Rogue Rogue
    Business: Fashion Brand

Details: Amber Liu, a former member of f(x), launched her fashion brand Rogue Rogue in 2020. The brand reflects Amber’s personal style, which is a mix of streetwear and edgy fashion. Rogue Rogue offers a variety of clothing items and accessories that cater to both men and women. Amber’s brand has been praised for its inclusivity and bold designs.

  1. Sandara Park – Dara TV
    Business: YouTube Channel

Details: Sandara Park, formerly of 2NE1, ventured into the digital space with her YouTube channel, Dara TV. The channel offers a glimpse into Sandara’s daily life, behind-the-scenes moments, and travel vlogs. Dara TV has garnered a significant following, allowing Sandara to connect with her fans on a more personal level while generating revenue through advertisements and sponsorships.

  1. L (INFINITE) – Kkool Kkool Bread
    Business: Bakery

Details: L, a member of INFINITE, co-founded Kkool Kkool Bread, a bakery that specializes in artisanal breads and pastries. The bakery is known for its high-quality ingredients and unique flavor combinations. Kkool Kkool Bread has become a favorite among locals, with its delicious offerings and cozy atmosphere attracting a steady stream of customers.

The entrepreneurial ventures of K-Pop idols showcase their versatility and business acumen. These idols have successfully expanded their horizons beyond the entertainment industry, creating thriving businesses that reflect their personal interests and passions. From fashion and beauty to food and digital content, K-Pop idols continue to inspire fans with their diverse talents and innovative ventures. Whether you’re a fan of their music or their businesses, there’s no denying the impressive achievements of these multifaceted stars.

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