On Wednesday, February 14, 2024, the Indian stock market experienced mixed movements, with key indices showing marginal declines. Here’s a detailed overview of the latest index prices, notable gainers and losers, as well as sectoral performances.

Index Performance

Sensex: The Sensex, India’s leading benchmark stock index, closed at 71,211.87, experiencing a decrease of 343.32 points or 0.48%. The Sensex comprises 30 large, actively traded stocks, representing various sectors of the Indian economy.

Nifty 50: The Nifty 50 index, which tracks the performance of 50 major Indian companies listed on the National Stock Exchange (NSE), settled at 21,643.05, down by 100.20 points or 0.46%. It is considered a key indicator of the Indian equity market.

Nifty Bank: The Nifty Bank index, which comprises banking stocks listed on the NSE, ended the day at 45,479.80, registering a marginal decline of 22.60 points or 0.05%. The performance of the banking sector is closely watched as it reflects the overall health of the financial system.

Notable Gainers and Losers

Biggest Gainer: BPCL

BPCL’s stock price rose by 29.30 points to reach 613.60, marking a significant gain of 5.01%. Such gains often reflect positive investor sentiment, strong financial performance, or favorable market conditions for the company.

Biggest Loser: Cipla

Cipla’s stock price declined by 44.20 points to 1,413.55, representing a notable decrease of 3.03%. Such losses may be attributed to company-specific factors, industry trends, or broader market sentiment.

Sectoral Performance

Best Sector: Nifty PSU Bank

The Nifty PSU Bank index recorded a price increase of 73.65 points, settling at 6,790.20 and demonstrating a gain of 1.10%. The performance of the PSU banking sector is crucial as it reflects government policies, economic conditions, and regulatory changes impacting public sector banks.

Worst Sector: Nifty IT

The Nifty IT index experienced a decline of 759.70 points, closing at 37,444.30, marking a decrease of 1.99%. The IT sector’s performance is closely tied to global economic trends, currency fluctuations, and demand for technology services and products.


The Indian stock market exhibited a mixed trend on February 14, 2024, with the Sensex and Nifty 50 facing slight declines while the Nifty Bank managed to close almost flat. The overall sentiment seemed subdued, reflecting global economic uncertainties and domestic factors.

BPCL emerged as the top gainer of the day, with its stock price surging by 5.01%. On the other hand, Cipla experienced a notable decline, shedding 3.03% of its value, making it the biggest loser among the major stocks.

In terms of sectoral performance, the PSU Bank sector showed resilience, with the Nifty PSU Bank index gaining 1.10%. Conversely, the IT sector witnessed a significant downturn, as reflected by the Nifty IT index, which dropped by 1.99%.

Investors continue to monitor global economic indicators, geopolitical tensions, and domestic policy developments for cues regarding market direction in the coming sessions.

While the Indian stock market experienced marginal declines on February 14, 2024, the overall sentiment remained cautious amid global uncertainties. The day witnessed notable movements in individual stocks and sectors, emphasizing the importance of diversified investment strategies and prudent risk management in navigating the dynamic landscape of equity markets. As investors await further developments, market participants remain vigilant and adaptive to emerging trends and opportunities.

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