Pogo, a dynamic and innovative company founded by Josh Buckley, known for his roles at Honey & Carta, is currently on the lookout for skilled professionals to join its team. If you’re a tech enthusiast looking for exciting opportunities, Pogo might just be the place for you. Let’s take a closer look at some of the roles they are actively hiring for.

Full-Stack Software Engineer

Location: Remote or New York

Experience: Not listed

Pogo is seeking a Full-Stack Software Engineer to contribute to its projects. The role offers flexibility, allowing you to work remotely or at their New York location. While specific experience requirements are not listed, this opportunity is ideal for individuals passionate about full-stack development.

Product Designer

Location: Remote or New York

Experience: Not listed

Pogo is looking for a creative mind to fill the role of Product Designer. Whether you have years of experience or you’re just starting your career in design, this position offers a chance to work on exciting projects. The remote work option adds an extra layer of flexibility.

Product Manager

Location: Remote or New York

Experience: 3+ years

Pogo is in search of an experienced Product Manager with a track record of at least three years. This role involves shaping product strategy and driving the execution of key initiatives. If you’re passionate about product development and have a strategic mindset, this could be your next career move.

Data Engineer

Location: Remote or New York

Experience: 4+ years

For individuals with a background in data engineering, Pogo has an opening for a Data Engineer. With a focus on remote or New York-based work, this role requires a minimum of four years of relevant experience. If you’re skilled in managing data infrastructure, this role might align with your expertise.

Data Analyst

Location: Remote or New York

Experience: 2+ years

Pogo is also welcoming applications for the role of Data Analyst. This position is suitable for individuals with at least two years of experience in data analysis. Whether you prefer working remotely or in the bustling atmosphere of New York, Pogo provides options.

In conclusion, Pogo presents exciting opportunities for professionals in various tech-related roles. If you’re ready to join a vibrant team led by industry experts and work on projects that push the boundaries of innovation, Pogo might just be the place for your next career move. Don’t miss the chance to learn more and apply for these enticing positions.

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