SellersFi, a pioneering financial technology startup, has marked a significant milestone by closing a new US credit facility amounting to $135 million. The collaboration involves major financial institutions, including Citi, one of the world’s largest banks, and independent asset manager Fasanara Capital. The credit facility has the potential to expand up to $300 million, providing SellersFi with robust financial support for its ambitious global expansion plans.

The senior capital in the credit facility is extended by Citi, with a portion of it coming from Fasanara Capital. Additionally, Fasanara Capital is contributing mezzanine capital to further bolster SellersFi’s financial position. Notably, Fasanara Capital is renewing its commitment to SellersFi, continuing its support as a senior lender for other jurisdictions and products. This multi-faceted collaboration signifies a strong vote of confidence in SellersFi’s team, strategy, and innovative product offerings.

Deployment for Growth and Innovation

The infusion of $135 million in new investment is earmarked for various strategic initiatives aimed at propelling SellersFi’s growth trajectory. The funds will be utilized to further develop and enhance the startup’s innovative product offerings, expand its portfolio, and fortify its technological infrastructure. SellersFi, known for its cutting-edge financial solutions, is strategically positioning itself to address the financing needs of a diverse array of e-commerce businesses.

Ricardo Pero, co-founder and CEO of SellersFi, expressed delight at securing the credit facility with Citi and having Fasanara Capital renew its trust in SellersFi’s team, strategy, and products. Pero emphasized the importance of this milestone in the current macro environment, viewing it as a crucial enabler for growth. The credit facility opens avenues for collaboration with both existing and new partners, allowing SellersFi to respond effectively to the financing needs of thousands of e-commerce businesses.

Abhi Chakraborty, CFO at SellersFi, highlighted the collaboration’s significance in reinforcing the company’s commitment to delivering excellence in financial services. Chakraborty expressed confidence that the funding would not only meet SellersFi’s dynamic needs but also pave the way for continued success and growth.

Continued Partnership with Fasanara

Fasanara Capital, a finance partner to SellersFi since February 2020, is playing a pivotal role in this financial arrangement. Francesco Filia, CEO at Fasanara, underscored the importance of this new facility, building on the existing relationship. Fasanara Capital’s provision of flexible and innovative capital solutions aligns with SellersFi’s evolving needs, positioning the startup for sustained growth and success.

SellersFi’s successful closure of the $135 million credit facility reflects the startup’s resilience and strategic acumen. As it embarks on an exciting journey of global expansion, supported by financial giants Citi and Fasanara Capital, SellersFi is well-positioned to continue its trajectory of innovation and excellence in the financial technology space. The collaboration sets the stage for a dynamic future, marked by continued advancements, impactful financial solutions, and strategic partnerships.

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