Israeli startup CorrActions, focused on preventing accidents by monitoring driver behavior using AI-based brain activity technology, has announced securing $7.25 million in Series A funding. The funding round was led by Volvo’s tech fund and included participation from BlackBerry, Next Gear Ventures, Mobilitech Capital, and others.

Series A Funding: CorrActions has raised $7.25 million in a Series A funding round led by Volvo’s tech fund, with participation from BlackBerry and several venture capital firms.

AI-Based Brain Activity Monitoring: The startup utilizes AI-based software that analyzes micro-muscle movements from existing human-motion sensors in vehicles to monitor brain activity. The technology can detect abnormalities in drivers’ cognitive states, such as driving under the influence of alcohol, fatigue, stress, or anxiety.

Detection Accuracy: CorrActions claims over 90% detection accuracy with zero false positives by tracking cognitive changes in the driver’s state of mind minutes before visible signs appear.

Automaker Implementation: The technology can be implemented by automakers or fleets to track drivers’ cognitive states and take preventive measures, such as limiting speed, increasing braking distance, or altering the route.

Road Safety Enhancement: The startup aims to significantly enhance road safety by preventing accidents through the early detection of cognitive abnormalities in drivers and passengers.

Strategic Investors: The funding round included participation from strategic investors such as Volvo’s tech fund and BlackBerry, indicating support for the adoption of CorrActions’ solution in production vehicles.

Commercial Deployment: CorrActions, which has tested its technology with car manufacturers like Hyundai and Volkswagen, aims to commercially deploy the system into vehicles by 2025.

The funding round and strategic support from automotive and tech industry players highlight the growing interest in AI-driven solutions for enhancing road safety and preventing accidents by monitoring and addressing drivers’ cognitive states. CorrActions’ technology could play a crucial role in making driving safer and revolutionizing the overall driving experience.

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