CollegeDekho, a prominent higher education services startup based in Gurugram, has successfully raised $9 million as part of its extended Series B funding round. This latest investment round was led by existing investors, solidifying their confidence in the startup’s vision and growth trajectory. According to a report by Inc42, the investment was made through a special purpose vehicle (SPV), which provides a flexible structure for investors to channel their funds.

A Recap of CollegeDekho’s Funding Journey

Early Funding Milestones

CollegeDekho has been on a steady path of growth and expansion since its inception in 2015. The startup’s journey began with seed funding and has seen multiple rounds of investment, each contributing to its robust financial foundation. Prior to the recent $9 million raise, CollegeDekho secured significant investments that have bolstered its operations and strategic initiatives.

December 2022 Investment

In December 2022, CollegeDekho raised $9 million from Janeville Limited, an investment that underscored the startup’s potential in the higher education sector. This funding was instrumental in scaling its services and enhancing its technological infrastructure.

December 2021 Investment

The most notable funding milestone came in December 2021, when CollegeDekho raised $35 million in a Series B round led by Winter Capital, ETS Strategic Capital, Calega, and existing investor Man Capital. This substantial investment was pivotal in expanding CollegeDekho’s reach and capabilities, enabling it to serve a broader student base and forge stronger partnerships with educational institutions.

Cumulative Funding and Notable Investors

With the latest $9 million infusion, CollegeDekho’s total funding has now surpassed $90 million. The startup’s investor roster includes prominent names such as Winter Capital Partners, ETS Strategic Capital, Calega, QIC, and Man Capital. These investors have played a critical role in supporting CollegeDekho’s mission to revolutionize the higher education landscape in India.

Founders and Vision

The Founding Team

CollegeDekho was founded by a dynamic team of entrepreneurs: Ruchir Arora, Saurabh Jain, Rohit Saha, and Rajiv Singh. Their collective vision was to address the challenges faced by students in navigating the complex higher education ecosystem in India. The founders brought diverse expertise and a shared passion for education, which has been the driving force behind CollegeDekho’s success.

Services and Offerings

CollegeDekho offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to assist students in their higher education journey. These services include:

  • Test Preparation: Providing resources and coaching for competitive exams.
  • College Discovery: Helping students explore and identify colleges that match their preferences and aspirations.
  • Selection Guidance: Offering expert advice on course selection and career planning.
  • Enrolment Assistance: Streamlining the application and admission process for students.

By leveraging technology and personalized counseling, CollegeDekho aims to make higher education more accessible and manageable for students across India.

Strategic Acquisitions

Expanding Through Acquisitions

Since its inception, CollegeDekho has strategically acquired four companies to enhance its service offerings and expand its market presence. These acquisitions include:

  1. ImaginXP: A leader in UX design and design thinking education, ImaginXP’s acquisition has strengthened CollegeDekho’s portfolio in design education.
  2. PrepBytes: A platform focused on coding and programming skills, PrepBytes has added value to CollegeDekho’s test preparation and skill development services.
  3. GetMyUni: An online platform for college search and reviews, GetMyUni has enhanced CollegeDekho’s college discovery capabilities.
  4. Scholarship Facilitation Services: This acquisition has enabled CollegeDekho to offer comprehensive scholarship guidance and support to students. Impact of Acquisitions

These acquisitions have not only diversified CollegeDekho’s service offerings but have also contributed to its growth in terms of user base and market reach. By integrating these platforms, CollegeDekho has created a robust ecosystem that caters to various aspects of higher education, from test preparation to financial aid.

Achievements and Milestones

Student Counseling and Partnerships

CollegeDekho claims to have counseled over 7 million students to date, providing personalized guidance and support throughout their educational journey. Additionally, the startup has partnered with close to 1,500 colleges, establishing itself as a trusted intermediary between students and educational institutions.

Online Presence and Engagement

The startup boasts impressive online engagement, with its higher education discoverability platforms attracting over 160 million visitors. This significant digital footprint highlights CollegeDekho’s effectiveness in reaching and engaging with its target audience.

Financial Performance

Revenue Growth

CollegeDekho has demonstrated strong revenue growth, reporting a revenue of Rs 239 crore in the financial year 2023-24 (FY24). This marks a significant increase from the previous financial year (FY23), where the startup reported a revenue of Rs 141 crore.

Profitability Challenges

Despite the impressive revenue figures, CollegeDekho has faced challenges in achieving profitability. In FY23, the startup reported a standalone loss of Rs 120 crore. This financial performance underscores the ongoing investments and expenditures required to scale the business and enhance its service offerings. The extended Series B funding round and strategic investments are expected to help the startup move closer to profitability in the coming years.

Future Prospects and Strategic Initiatives

Focus on Technology and Innovation

Looking ahead, CollegeDekho plans to continue leveraging technology to enhance its services and improve the user experience. The startup is expected to invest in advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to provide more personalized and effective guidance to students.

Expanding Reach and Services

With a robust financial foundation and a strong network of investors, CollegeDekho aims to expand its reach to underserved regions and offer a wider range of services. This includes expanding its test preparation offerings, enhancing its scholarship facilitation services, and providing more comprehensive career guidance.

Strengthening Partnerships

CollegeDekho will continue to strengthen its partnerships with educational institutions, both in India and abroad. By collaborating with colleges and universities, the startup aims to create more opportunities for students and provide them with a seamless transition from high school to higher education.

Enhancing Student Engagement

Engaging with students through innovative and interactive platforms will be a key focus for CollegeDekho. This includes developing mobile apps, virtual counseling sessions, and interactive content to keep students informed and engaged throughout their educational journey.

CollegeDekho’s journey from a startup to a leading player in the higher education services sector is a testament to its founders’ vision and the support of its investors. With a focus on technology, strategic acquisitions, and a commitment to student success, CollegeDekho is well-positioned to continue its growth trajectory and make a lasting impact on the higher education landscape in India.

The recent $9 million funding round is not just a financial milestone but a vote of confidence in CollegeDekho’s mission to revolutionize higher education. As the startup continues to innovate and expand, it will undoubtedly play a crucial role in shaping the future of education for millions of students in India and beyond

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