In a heartwarming display of support for Team India, EatSure, India’s first digital food court on an app, launched a unique campaign to celebrate the India vs. Pakistan World Cup match. As cricket fever gripped the nation, EatSure sent out a traditional good luck charm, “Dahi Cheeni” (sweet yogurt), with every order in over 5,000 locations across 80+ cities in India. This gesture was more than just about sharing food; it was about sharing hope, unity, and excitement as fans across the country prepared for one of the most anticipated T20 cricket matches. The initiative connected EatSure with the shared emotions and rituals of the nation, providing a taste of home and a token of good fortune to cheer on Team India.

The Significance of Dahi Cheeni
Dahi Cheeni, a mixture of yogurt and sugar, is a traditional Indian good luck charm. It is commonly consumed before embarking on important tasks or events, believed to bring good fortune and success. By sending out Dahi Cheeni with each order, EatSure tapped into this deep-rooted cultural practice, creating a bridge between modern food delivery services and traditional Indian customs. This thoughtful gesture resonated with customers, offering them a sense of nostalgia and connection during the high-stakes cricket match.

Campaign Elements: Blending Tradition with Modernity
Good Luck Charm with Every Order
EatSure’s initiative was executed on a massive scale, reaching thousands of customers across India. The inclusion of Dahi Cheeni in every order served as a personal and heartfelt gesture, connecting with the customers on a cultural level. This simple yet profound act symbolized the shared hopes and excitement of the nation, as everyone rallied behind Team India.

Quirky Laptop Stickers and Rebranded Packaging
The campaign also included laptop stickers with quirky cricket slogans and newly rebranded packaging bags to show their support for Team India. These elements added a fun and engaging twist to the campaign, making the experience more memorable for customers. The stickers and packaging served as a tangible reminder of the collective excitement and anticipation surrounding the match.

Digital Engagement with AR Instagram Filter
Extending the campaign to the digital realm, EatSure created a special Augmented Reality (AR) Instagram filter. This innovative feature allowed fans to cheer for Team India by posting stories on Instagram or WhatsApp, further amplifying the campaign’s reach and impact. The AR filter enabled fans to engage digitally, creating a wave of excitement and team spirit among Indian cricket enthusiasts. It demonstrated EatSure’s commitment to blending traditional gestures with modern technology to enhance customer experience.

The “Foodcourt on an App” Experience
EatSure’s campaign highlighted its unique “Foodcourt on an App” philosophy. This concept allows consumers to order from multiple category-leading, trusted restaurants such as Faasos, Wendy’s, Behrouz Biryani, Sweet Truth, and Lunchbox in a single order. The platform’s diverse offerings and seamless user experience have positioned it as a leader in the digital food delivery space in India.

Consumer Trust and Convenience
By partnering with well-known restaurant brands, EatSure ensures that customers receive high-quality food from trusted sources. The convenience of ordering from multiple restaurants in one go caters to diverse tastes and preferences, making it an appealing choice for consumers. This innovative approach sets EatSure apart from traditional food delivery services, enhancing its appeal and customer satisfaction.

Leadership and Vision: Sagar Kochhar’s Insights
Sagar Kochhar, Co-founder and Chief EatSure Officer at Rebel Foods, shared his enthusiasm for the campaign, stating, “The World Cup matches in India are celebrated as a festival, and the excitement and nervousness during the India vs. Pakistan clash are palpable. Cricket in India is more than just a sport; it’s a unifying force that brings the entire nation together.”

Kochhar emphasized the cultural significance of the Dahi Cheeni initiative, noting that it aimed to tap into the collective passion and sentiment of Indian cricket fans. He described the campaign as more than just a promotional effort, but a heartfelt gesture that deeply resonated with the nation’s passion for cricket and its cherished traditions.

Enhancing Digital Engagement
Kochhar also highlighted the importance of digital engagement, with the AR filter allowing fans to show their support online. This innovative feature created a dynamic and interactive platform for fans to express their excitement and solidarity, fostering a sense of community and shared enthusiasm.

Customer Reception and Impact
The campaign received an overwhelming response from customers, who praised EatSure on social media for its thoughtful gesture. Many customers expressed their appreciation for the Dahi Cheeni initiative, sharing their own stories and experiences of consuming the good luck charm before important events. The campaign not only boosted customer engagement but also strengthened the emotional connection between EatSure and its users.

Social Media Praise
Customers took to social media to express their gratitude and excitement. Many posts highlighted the uniqueness of the campaign and its cultural relevance, showcasing the positive impact of EatSure’s thoughtful approach. The campaign’s success on social media platforms further amplified its reach and influence, attracting new customers and enhancing brand loyalty.

EatSure’s campaign to support Team India during the India vs. Pakistan World Cup match was a masterful blend of tradition, modernity, and innovation. By sending out Dahi Cheeni with every order, the company tapped into a deeply rooted cultural practice, creating a personal and heartfelt connection with its customers. The addition of quirky cricket slogans, rebranded packaging, and a special AR Instagram filter further enriched the campaign, making it a memorable and engaging experience for fans.

Sagar Kochhar’s vision and leadership played a crucial role in the campaign’s success, highlighting the importance of cultural resonance and digital engagement. The campaign not only enhanced customer satisfaction but also reinforced EatSure’s position as a leader in the digital food delivery space in India.

Through this initiative, EatSure demonstrated that it is more than just a food service; it is a part of the community, celebrating traditions, and uniting people through shared experiences. The campaign’s success underscores the power of combining cultural relevance with modern technology, creating moments that customers cherish and remember. EatSure has given fans across India a reason to smile, proving once again that it is a brand that truly understands and values its customers

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