In a groundbreaking partnership, US-based private 5G startup Ataya has appointed fellow California firm MosoLabs as the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for its Chorus-branded line of indoor and outdoor private 5G radio access points. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the evolution of private 5G networks, offering small and medium enterprises (SMEs) around the world a more affordable and accessible alternative to traditional solutions from industry giants like Nokia, Ericsson, and Samsung.

The Chorus product, introduced in January, represents a paradigm shift in the deployment of private 5G networks, presenting itself as a “zero-touch” and “plug-and-play” standalone 5G radio access network (RAN) unit with an integrated 5G standalone (5G SA) core network. Designed for SMEs across various industries, including outdoor parking lots, gas stations, retail kiosks, and smart farms, Chorus promises to simplify deployments and deliver the standard benefits of private 5G technology, including improved latency, coverage, security, and reliability.

At the heart of the Chorus product is Ataya’s Harmony industrial connectivity platform, which serves as the backbone for managing and monitoring private 5G deployments. Sold in the US, Europe, and Asia by system integrators and channel resellers such as ADLINK, Wave-in Communications, Quanta Computer, Accuver Group, and Opticoms, Harmony enables seamless integration with Chorus access points, streamlining the deployment process and empowering IT/OT teams to manage their networks with ease from anywhere in the world.

The partnership between Ataya and MosoLabs represents a strategic alignment of vision and mission, aimed at breaking down barriers for the integration, deployment, and management of private 5G networks. By combining Ataya’s expertise in private 5G solutions with MosoLabs’ commitment to simplifying the network experience, the two companies are poised to revolutionize the way SMEs access and leverage 5G technology, unlocking new opportunities for innovation and growth.

In a statement, Ataya emphasized the transformative potential of the Chorus access points, highlighting their ability to eliminate the complexities, additional hardware, and high costs that have traditionally hindered the widespread deployment of private 5G networks. By offering a simple yet powerful platform, Chorus empowers SMEs to get online faster and more efficiently, enabling them to harness the full benefits of 5G technology without breaking the bank.

Similarly, MosoLabs expressed confidence in the game-changing potential of the Chorus access points, noting that for private networks to achieve mass-scale adoption, barriers to integration, deployment, and management must be overcome. By aligning with Ataya’s vision for Chorus as a user-friendly and cost-effective solution, MosoLabs aims to simplify the private network experience and drive widespread adoption of private 5G technology among SMEs worldwide.

The partnership between Ataya and MosoLabs heralds a new era for private 5G, marked by simplicity, affordability, and accessibility. As SMEs continue to embrace digital transformation and seek innovative solutions to enhance their operations, Chorus access points offer a compelling value proposition, enabling them to stay ahead of the curve and capitalize on the opportunities presented by 5G technology.

Looking ahead, the success of Chorus access points hinges on their ability to deliver on their promises of simplicity, reliability, and affordability. As deployments ramp up and SMEs begin to experience the benefits of private 5G firsthand, Ataya and MosoLabs are poised to solidify their position as leaders in the burgeoning market for private 5G solutions, driving innovation and unlocking new possibilities for businesses of all sizes.

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