IntrCity, a leading mobility platform in India, has recently made headlines by securing over Rs 37 crore in a funding round led by Mirabilis Investment Trust. Existing investors, including Nandan Nilekani’s family trust (NRJN), Omidyar Network India, and Ujamaa Ventures, also participated in this significant funding endeavor. This substantial infusion of capital underscores investor confidence in IntrCity’s vision and growth trajectory, solidifying its position as a key player in India’s burgeoning mobility sector.

CEO and Co-founder Manish Rathi expressed optimism about the company’s prospects, highlighting its robust performance in the previous fiscal year. He emphasized that the company experienced solid growth, with both revenue and business turning profitable. As IntrCity ventures into the new fiscal year, Rathi reiterated the company’s commitment to maintaining its momentum, leveraging the unwavering support of its investors to drive continued success.

Rathi underscored the pivotal role of IntrCity’s full-stack technology platform in ensuring a seamless and high-quality travel experience for its customers. With a comprehensive suite of services catering to both bus and train travel markets, IntrCity SmartBus and RailYatri collectively serve as pillars of convenience and reliability for millions of travelers across India. Rathi emphasized that the company’s expansive reach across 630+ routes in 16 states positions it uniquely to directly engage with every long-distance traveler in the country.

The infusion of funds from the latest funding round is earmarked for product expansion and market growth initiatives. IntrCity aims to further enhance its service offerings, leveraging innovative technologies and customer-centric strategies to augment its competitive edge in the mobility landscape. By prioritizing product innovation and market expansion, IntrCity seeks to consolidate its position as a frontrunner in India’s rapidly evolving mobility sector.

IntrCity’s SmartBus service, renowned for its comfort, reliability, and efficiency, has redefined intercity travel by offering passengers unparalleled convenience and luxury. With an extensive network of routes spanning diverse geographies, IntrCity has emerged as the preferred choice for travelers seeking hassle-free and comfortable journeys. Meanwhile, RailYatri’s comprehensive train travel information platform has revolutionized the way millions of users plan and navigate their train journeys, providing real-time insights and enhancing overall travel experiences.

As India’s mobility landscape continues to evolve, IntrCity remains committed to pioneering innovative solutions that address the evolving needs of travelers nationwide. With the backing of prominent investors and a steadfast focus on delivering exceptional value to its customers, IntrCity is poised to chart new heights of success in the dynamic and competitive mobility market. The recent funding infusion serves as a testament to the company’s unwavering commitment to excellence and its vision of transforming the future of travel in India.

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