In the realm of startup exits, India has long been perceived as trailing behind its Western counterparts, particularly the United States, where mergers and acquisitions (M&A) have historically dominated the landscape. However, a notable shift is underway, according to insights shared by Rajan Anandan, Managing Director at Peak XV Partners, during a fireside chat at the IAMAI India Digital Summit.

Anandan highlighted a distinctive trend emerging in the Indian startup ecosystem – the increasing prevalence of initial public offerings (IPOs) as the preferred mode of exit for founders and investors alike. Drawing a sharp contrast to the U.S., where M&A activity has been the conventional route for founders seeking exits, Anandan emphasized that in India, IPOs are poised to take center stage.

“In the U.S., an exit for a vast majority of founders would be through mergers and acquisitions, for example, in Google, Facebook, Cisco, and many more,” stated Anandan. “In India, we think most exits will happen with IPOs.”

This assertion underscores a significant paradigm shift in the Indian startup landscape, indicating a maturation of the market and a growing investor appetite for public offerings. Anandan’s remarks shed light on the evolving dynamics of startup exits in India, signaling a departure from traditional exit strategies prevalent in other global tech hubs.

Anandan further articulated the conditions conducive to IPO success for Indian startups, citing profitability as a key factor. “If you’re a profitable company and you can get to a reasonable level of profitability—about Rs 30–50 crore—I would strongly urge you to go for an IPO,” he advised. He underscored the current openness of the market to IPOs, presenting an opportune moment for Indian startups to capitalize on this avenue for growth and liquidity.

In addition to forecasting the trajectory of startup exits, Anandan provided insights into the funding landscape, predicting an uptick in funding activity for 2024 compared to the preceding year. While acknowledging a slight downturn in seed round and Series A funding in 2023, he expressed optimism regarding the resurgence of funding activity across various stages of startup growth.

Anandan’s observations shed light on the nuances of funding dynamics, delineating the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for Indian startups seeking capital infusion and expansion.

Moreover, the discourse extended beyond funding and exits, delving into the broader ecosystem of Indian startups. Former Google and Microsoft executives raised concerns regarding the insufficient emphasis on research and development (R&D) within the Indian startup ecosystem. Anandan echoed these sentiments, emphasizing the need for greater investment in technical depth and foundational models, particularly in emerging fields such as artificial intelligence (AI).

As India strives to consolidate its position as a global hub for innovation and entrepreneurship, the insights shared by industry veterans like Rajan Anandan serve as guiding beacons for stakeholders navigating the intricacies of the startup landscape. The burgeoning trend towards IPOs as a preferred exit route reflects the evolving aspirations and ambitions of Indian startups, ushering in a new era of growth and opportunity in the country’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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