Indonesia’s Julo is gearing up for an initial public offering (IPO) as its annual revenue approaches the $100 million milestone. The company is actively engaging with investors for a pre-IPO financing round and exploring various avenues for a public listing, as revealed in a statement released on Monday.

The startup’s move towards an IPO comes at a pivotal time in the global venture industry landscape, marked by heightened interest rates and inflation concerns. While many of its peers struggle to secure capital, Julo is strategically positioning itself for growth amidst evolving market dynamics.

Ankur Mehrotra, Julo’s Group President and former head of Grab Holdings Ltd.’s lending division, reported a staggering 73% revenue surge in 2023. The company’s annual revenue reached a robust $121 million by the year’s end, setting a solid foundation for its financial aspirations. Julo anticipates achieving net income profitability in 2024, following a profitable pre-tax performance in December.

In an environment where investors increasingly prioritize sustainable growth and profitability, startups like Julo face the challenge of demonstrating financial viability alongside expansion. In 2023, Julo disbursed a remarkable 7.3 million loans, totaling an impressive $454 million. The surge in loan disbursements reflects a doubling in volume from the previous year, highlighting Julo’s growing market presence and customer confidence.

Julo’s innovative app offers users in Indonesia a seamless platform to apply for loans, facilitate cash withdrawals and transfers, and manage school fee payments. Targeting the middle-market income segment in Indonesia, Julo has garnered significant attention and investment, having secured $80 million from Credit Saison in 2022.

As the company navigates its path towards a potential IPO, the market watches closely to see how Julo leverages its robust revenue growth, operational efficiency, and customer-centric approach to shape the future of online lending in Indonesia. With its sights set on sustainable profitability and continued expansion, Julo exemplifies Indonesia’s burgeoning startup ecosystem and its potential to thrive on the global stage.

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