Xoriant, a leading platform engineering and enterprise solutions firm backed by ChrysCapital, has made a significant move in the tech industry with its acquisition of Bengaluru-based cloud management solutions provider MapleLabs Inc. This undisclosed transaction marks a strategic step for Xoriant in expanding its expertise in platform engineering and advancing its capabilities in product conceptualization, design, development, and maintenance of cloud-native applications.

Expanding Horizons with MapleLabs Integration

Spearheaded by Sukamal Banerjee, CEO of Xoriant, the acquisition of MapleLabs is poised to elevate Xoriant’s position in the digital engineering domain. Banerjee expressed his excitement about the acquisition, highlighting its potential to enhance Xoriant’s ability to deliver innovative solutions to its global clientele. By integrating MapleLabs into its fold, Xoriant aims to leverage the talents of MapleLabs’ highly skilled engineers and bolster its offerings in response to the evolving demands of the industry.

Unlocking Value with Intellectual Properties

The acquisition of MapleLabs brings with it a wealth of intellectual properties that will enrich Xoriant’s portfolio. Among these assets are SnappyFlow, an observability platform, and cloud/data center sizing tools, which empower Xoriant’s customers to optimize their cloud performance effectively. This strategic move underscores Xoriant’s commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions that drive business success and innovation.

MapleLabs’ Legacy of Innovation

Founded in 2014 by Pramod Murthy and Sreenivas Potluri, MapleLabs has carved a niche for itself in the tech landscape by leveraging open-source technologies to help enterprises manage server infrastructure lifecycle, conduct workload profiling and sizing, and optimize infrastructure in private and public clouds. Sreeni Potluri, Co-founder of MapleLabs, sees the acquisition as a milestone moment for the company, providing a broader platform to scale its IPs and expand its global footprint.

Continued Growth and Expansion

The MapleLabs acquisition is not Xoriant’s first foray into strategic expansion. The company previously acquired Thoucentric, a Bengaluru-based consulting firm specializing in digital solutions for supply chain, sales, distribution, and finance. These strategic moves underscore Xoriant’s commitment to growth and innovation in the ever-evolving tech landscape.

ChrysCapital: A Pillar of Support

Supported by ChrysCapital, a leading player in India-focused investments with a track record of raising $5 billion across nine private equity funds, Xoriant is well-positioned to navigate the dynamic landscape of enterprise technology. ChrysCapital’s investment sectors span enterprise technology, financial services, pharma, consumer goods, new economy, healthcare services, and manufacturing, providing a strong foundation for Xoriant’s continued success.

In conclusion, Xoriant’s acquisition of MapleLabs represents a significant milestone in its journey toward digital excellence and innovation. With a focus on leveraging intellectual properties, expanding capabilities, and fostering growth, Xoriant is poised to shape the future of platform engineering and enterprise solutions in the global tech ecosystem.

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