The Entero Healthcare Solutions Limited IPO has been a focal point of interest among investors, with its share allotment finalized on Wednesday, February 14. Investors eagerly anticipating the outcome of their applications can now check the Entero Healthcare Solutions IPO allotment status through the registrar’s portal, managed by Link Intime India Private Ltd.

The IPO subscription window opened for subscription on Friday, February 9, and concluded on Tuesday, February 13, drawing a mixed response from retail and non-institutional investors (NII). By the end of day 3, the Entero Healthcare Solutions IPO subscription status stood at 1.53 times, indicating moderate demand.

Investors eagerly awaiting the allotment results can ascertain the number of shares allocated to them through the basis of allotment, which will also reflect in the IPO allotment status. The company is set to initiate the refund process for applicants who were not allocated shares. Conversely, successful allottees will witness the shares credited to their demat accounts.

The refund process for individuals not allotted shares is scheduled to commence tomorrow, Thursday, February 15. Simultaneously, successful allottees can anticipate the receipt of their shares in their demat accounts on the same day.

The much-anticipated Entero Healthcare IPO listing date has been scheduled for Friday, February 16, adding to the anticipation surrounding the company’s debut on the stock exchange.

Amidst speculation and market dynamics, the Entero Healthcare Solutions IPO is expected to debut with a listing price of ₹1,260 per share, slightly higher than the IPO price of ₹1,258. This forecasted listing price reflects a modest premium of 0.16% over the IPO price band.

Assessing the pulse of the grey market, which serves as an indicator of investor sentiment, the current Grey Market Premium (GMP) stands at ₹2. Despite signals pointing towards the lower end, with the lowest GMP recorded at ₹0 and the highest at ₹125, as per, the GMP signifies investors’ readiness to pay more than the issue price.

In conclusion, the Entero Healthcare Solutions IPO has garnered significant attention and anticipation in the market. As investors await the listing date, all eyes are set on the performance of the IPO post-listing, with hopes pinned on the company’s potential and market reception.

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