Classplus, a leading edtech company, has unveiled plans for an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) buyback, extending the opportunity to more than 150 employees. This move marks the second buyback initiative undertaken by the company in the past three years, reflecting its commitment to recognizing and rewarding the contributions of its workforce.

Empowering Employees with ESOP Opportunities

In a recent press release, Classplus announced that eligible employees, representing diverse roles and business verticals within the organization, will have the chance to liquidate their vested shares by selling them back to the company. While specific transaction details were not disclosed, the initiative underscores Classplus’ dedication to fostering a culture of employee ownership and incentivizing long-term commitment and performance.

About Classplus: Empowering Creators in the Edtech Space

Founded in 2018 by Mukul Rustagi and Bhaswat Agarwal, Classplus operates as a mobile-first Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, empowering creators to monetize their skills and expertise through digital content offerings. The platform offers a versatile suite of tools that enable creators to launch recorded courses, host live webinars, provide personalized consultations, and sell educational materials such as books and merchandise.

Classplus has successfully digitized creators across more than 3,000 cities, catering to a vast student base exceeding 50 million learners. Its comprehensive platform facilitates seamless interaction between educators and students, fostering engaging and interactive learning experiences in the digital realm.

Strategic Partnerships and Funding Milestones

Since its inception, Classplus has garnered significant investment interest, raising approximately $150 million from a diverse array of prominent investors. Notable backers include Tiger Global, AWI, RTP Global, Blume Ventures, Sequoia Capital India’s Surge, Spiral Ventures, Strive, Times Internet, and Abu Dhabi-based Chimera Ventures. The infusion of capital has fueled Classplus’ growth trajectory, enabling the company to expand its market presence and enhance its product offerings.

Financial Performance and Growth Trajectory

In the fiscal year 2022-23, Classplus reported impressive revenue growth, achieving a remarkable 3.3x increase in total revenue compared to the previous fiscal year. The company’s revenue surged to Rs 149.2 crore, reflecting its robust business model and growing market traction. However, Classplus also reported a loss of Rs 256 crore in the same fiscal year, highlighting the inherent challenges and investments associated with scaling operations in the competitive edtech landscape.

Conclusion: Nurturing Talent and Driving Innovation

The ESOP buyback initiative underscores Classplus’ commitment to nurturing talent, fostering a culture of ownership, and incentivizing employee engagement and performance. As the company continues to navigate the dynamic edtech landscape, fueled by strategic partnerships, innovative solutions, and robust financial backing, it remains poised to capitalize on emerging opportunities and shape the future of digital learning experiences.

By empowering creators and educators to unlock their full potential and connect with learners worldwide, Classplus is poised to drive meaningful impact in the education sector, driving innovation and transforming the way knowledge is shared and consumed in the digital age.

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