In a bid to tap into the rapidly growing female customer-base in the UK and Ireland, Flutter Entertainment’s leading brands in its UKI division – Sky Betting and Gaming, Paddy Power, and Betfair – are embarking on a quest to partner with high-potential startups. Through its Alpha Hub programme, Flutter aims to cater to the unique preferences and playstyles of female gamers, backed by recent research highlighting the untapped potential within this demographic.

The initiative seeks to engage female gamers effectively by tailoring product ideas to their distinct playstyles. Research indicates that women often discover games through social circles, emphasizing the importance of focusing on social and community gaming experiences. The envisioned solution aims to create a digital entertainment destination that provides a space for customers to unwind, have fun, and relax, tailored specifically to their preferences and interests.

As part of the Alpha Hub programme, startups are encouraged to submit innovative ideas that align with Flutter’s mission to create safe, entertaining experiences for female customers. The programme includes a ‘wildcard option’ for startups with unique ideas that may not fit the brief precisely, providing them with the opportunity to showcase their solutions and contribute to Flutter’s vision for the future of gaming.

The partnership offers symbiotic benefits for both Flutter and the winning startup. The selected startup will have the opportunity to form a commercial partnership with Flutter, enabling them to scale their solution across the UK and Ireland. Additionally, they will participate in a demo day to showcase their business to a diverse audience of investors, technology experts, and leaders from across Flutter. Furthermore, startups will gain access to workshops and networking opportunities with senior Flutter leadership, providing invaluable insights and support.

Steve Birch, Chief Commercial Officer at Sky Betting & Gaming, expressed enthusiasm for the initiative, emphasizing the exciting opportunity it presents. He highlighted Flutter’s commitment to finding and partnering with innovative startups through the Alpha Hub programme to capitalize on the emerging market potential among female gamers.

In conclusion, Flutter Entertainment’s initiative to serve female gamers in the UK and Ireland represents a proactive step towards inclusivity and innovation in the gaming industry. By fostering partnerships with startups and prioritizing the unique needs of female gamers, Flutter aims to create engaging and immersive gaming experiences that resonate with this growing demographic. As the initiative unfolds, it is poised to shape the future of gaming and redefine the industry’s approach to diversity and inclusivity.

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