In response to the pressing challenge of river and ocean pollution in India, Clearbot, a Hong Kong-based marine technology startup, has unveiled plans to launch a cutting-edge fleet of larger solar-powered autonomous boats. These innovative vessels, scheduled for deployment in March, represent a significant step forward in Clearbot’s mission to cleanse polluted waters effectively.

Each of Clearbot’s new self-driving electric boats is equipped with the capability to collect approximately 500 kg of plastic waste and other debris from rivers and oceans. This doubling of capacity compared to the company’s existing robotic cleaners underscores Clearbot’s commitment to enhancing its impact on environmental preservation.

Founded by graduates from the University of Hong Kong in 2019, Clearbot aims to revolutionize the marine services sector by automating and electrifying tasks traditionally performed by manned diesel boats. Utkarsh Goel, the co-founder, and chief technology officer, envisions Clearbot as a catalyst for sustainability within the industry.

Initially conceived as a student initiative to assist Indonesian surfers in cleansing waterways efficiently, Clearbot has evolved into a global endeavor driven by the realization of substantial demand for sustainable marine infrastructure. Co-founders Goel and Sidhant Gupta recognized the need to expand their scope in response to this demand.

In the past year, Clearbot has deployed 13 boats capable of collecting up to 250 kg of plastic waste daily, addressing projects in Hong Kong and India. These autonomous electric vessels navigate waters independently, retrieving surface debris and depositing it for subsequent recycling.

India, accounting for approximately 13 percent of global ocean plastic, remains a critical focus for Clearbot’s expansion efforts. Recent pilot projects in cities like Shillong and Bengaluru have demonstrated the effectiveness of Clearbot’s technology in significantly reducing waterborne waste.

Clearbot’s commitment to environmental stewardship and technological innovation underscores its pivotal role in combating river and ocean pollution in India and beyond. As the company prepares to launch its advanced fleet, expectations are high for Clearbot to make a substantial impact in preserving our planet’s vital water resources. Through collaboration and continued innovation, Clearbot stands poised to lead the charge towards cleaner and healthier oceans for future generations.

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