upliance.ai, a pioneering hardware startup specializing in smart cooking assistants, has achieved a significant milestone with the successful closure of a seed funding round amounting to Rs 34 crore. Spearheaded by Khosla Ventures, a renowned venture capital firm known for its backing of impactful startups such as OpenAI and Rabbit, the investment underscores the growing interest in India’s retail tech landscape and the potential of innovative solutions to revolutionize daily experiences.

The funding round, which values upliance.ai at Rs 143 crore, represents a strategic move by Khosla Ventures to capitalize on the promising trajectory of the hardware startup. With a robust portfolio featuring Silicon Valley giants like Doordash and Stripe, Khosla Ventures recognizes the transformative potential of upliance.ai’s innovative approach to smart cooking technology.

The flagship offering of upliance.ai, aptly named ‘upliance,’ introduces a cutting-edge smart cooking assistant equipped with over 500 guided recipes, heralding a new era of hands-free cooking experiences. Powered by the proprietary UpAI technology, the AI Cooking Assistant leverages machine learning algorithms to streamline traditional cooking methods, empowering users of all culinary skill levels to effortlessly prepare diverse meals.

Mahek Mody, Co-Founder and CEO of upliance.ai, expressed enthusiasm about the strategic partnership with Khosla Ventures, stating, “Their investment is a validation of both the potential of upliance.ai and the traction we have seen in the market.” With ambitious growth plans on the horizon, upliance.ai aims to achieve a revenue milestone of Rs 150 crore in 2024 and scale production to 20,000 units per annum within the next six months.

Rajesh Swaminathan, Partner at Khosla Ventures, highlighted the firm’s commitment to investing in impactful ideas and commended upliance.ai for its potential to transform people’s daily eating routines. The funding round positions upliance.ai at the forefront of India’s burgeoning hardware startup sector, aligning with the government’s initiatives to support deep tech innovations and foster entrepreneurship in the country.

The investment from Khosla Ventures underscores the confidence in upliance.ai’s vision to redefine culinary experiences through innovative technology. As the demand for smart home solutions continues to rise, upliance.ai is poised to lead the way in shaping the future of cooking automation, offering consumers unparalleled convenience and efficiency in the kitchen.

In conclusion, the seed funding round represents a significant milestone for upliance.ai, propelling the company towards its mission of revolutionizing the cooking landscape and enhancing the daily lives of individuals through cutting-edge technology. With strategic backing from Khosla Ventures and a commitment to innovation, upliance.ai is poised for continued growth and success in the dynamic retail tech sector.

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