Star Sports, the official television broadcaster of the highly anticipated Tata Indian Premier League (IPL), has unveiled an innovative initiative aimed at empowering startups across India. Titled ‘Startup Power Play,’ this groundbreaking program invites startups to create compelling 60-second commercials, poised to capture the attention of audiences during each IPL match. By teaming up with D2C Insider as an ecosystem partner, Star Sports aims to leverage access to a vast community of startups, fostering collaboration and amplifying brand visibility on a national stage.

Ajit Varghese, Head of Network Advertising Sales at Disney Star, expressed the broadcaster’s commitment to supporting the startup ecosystem, stating, “By offering a platform for startups to showcase their stories and connect with audiences in a meaningful way, we aim to not only elevate their brand presence but also contribute to their growth story.” The initiative reflects Star Sports’ dedication to nurturing emerging talent and providing startups with a unique opportunity to make a significant impact in the industry.

Kshitij Ladia, Co-founder of D2C Insider, emphasized the transformative potential of Startup Power Play, stating, “Startup Powerplay could be a potential game-changer for startups in India, giving them an open canvas to tell their brand story on the biggest stage.” As one of India’s largest communities of startups, D2C Insider is poised to facilitate idea exchange and growth assistance among its members, positioning Startup Power Play as a launchpad for startups to showcase their offerings on a national platform.

‘Startup Power Play’ aims to shine the spotlight on one startup per day, allowing them to share their brand or product story with IPL audiences. With the IPL’s unparalleled reach and engagement, startups have the opportunity to amplify their offerings and connect with consumers on a massive scale. Moreover, Startup Power Play presents a reasonable introductory price, ensuring accessibility for startups of all sizes and stages of growth.

The IPL’s immense popularity was evident in the staggering viewership figures from the previous season. According to the release, IPL 2022 reached a total of 505 million viewers throughout the tournament, with IPL on HD attracting 101 million viewers. This massive viewership presents an unparalleled opportunity for startups to showcase their products and services to a diverse audience across India and beyond.

As startups gear up to seize the spotlight through Startup Power Play, anticipation is high for the creativity and innovation they will bring to the IPL stage. With Star Sports and D2C Insider paving the way for startups to thrive in a competitive landscape, the initiative promises to be a game-changer for early-stage ventures seeking to make their mark on the national stage.

In essence, Startup Power Play represents more than just a marketing opportunity; it symbolizes a collaborative effort to empower startups, foster innovation, and drive economic growth in India’s vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem. As the IPL unfolds, audiences can look forward to discovering the next wave of innovative startups leaving a lasting impression on the nation’s collective consciousness.

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