Torus Robotics Pvt Ltd, a Chennai-based deep tech startup, has made significant strides in the field of indigenous powertrain technology for electric vehicles (EVs) across various sectors. The company recently announced a successful seed funding round totaling USD 470,000, with major contributions from the Tamil Nadu Infrastructure Fund Management Corporation (TNIFMC) and other prominent investors.

Investment Breakdown

The seed investment, led by TNIFMC under the T.N. Emerging Sector Seed Fund (TNESSF), underscores growing interest and support for innovative startups in Tamil Nadu’s emerging sectors. Forge Innovation & Ventures, Coimbatore, and SINE (Society for Innovation & Entrepreneurship) at the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay also participated in the funding round, highlighting the cross-regional appeal and potential of Torus Robotics’ groundbreaking technology.

Utilization of Funds

Torus Robotics plans to utilize the funds primarily to scale up its research and development operations, driving innovation and introducing new products tailored to meet the evolving demands of the EV automotive market and other sectors it serves. The investment will also facilitate crucial business development initiatives aimed at accelerating the company’s growth trajectory.

Strategic Vision

Vibhakar Senthil, co-founder of Torus Robotics, emphasized the pivotal role of the funding in fueling the company’s R&D efforts and product innovation. The strategic partnership forged with TNIFMC and other investors is poised to expedite Torus’s commercialization initiatives and promote widespread adoption of its axial flux technology in the electric mobility sector.

Karthic Ramamoorthy, representing the T.N. Emerging Sector Seed Fund, echoed Senthil’s sentiments, highlighting the strategic alignment between Torus Robotics’ objectives and the fund’s mission to catalyze innovation and entrepreneurship in emerging sectors across Tamil Nadu.

Innovative Solutions for Electric Mobility

Founded in 2019 by Vignesh M., Vibhakar Senthil, and Abbhi Vignesh K., Torus Robotics specializes in developing compact, lightweight, and highly efficient powertrain solutions tailored for electric vehicles. The startup’s breakthrough technology has garnered attention and support from various quarters, including the FLCTD programme facilitated by the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO).

Torus Robotics’ powertrain solutions have undergone rigorous validation processes conducted by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency, attesting to their reliability and performance. The startup has also received significant financial backing from Startup TN and the Entrepreneurship Development and Innovation Institute – Tamil Nadu, underscoring its potential to drive impactful change in the electric mobility landscape.

Torus Robotics’ successful seed funding round marks a significant milestone in its journey to revolutionize electric vehicle powertrains. With a clear focus on innovation, research excellence, and strategic partnerships, the company is poised to make substantial contributions to the advancement of electric mobility and sustainable transportation solutions. As Torus Robotics continues to scale its operations and introduce cutting-edge technologies, its impact on the EV automotive market and beyond is set to grow exponentially.

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