SeedBlink, a venture investment and equity management platform focusing on European tech startups, has achieved a significant milestone by mobilizing EUR 342 million in startup investments for over 250 companies across 15 countries in just four years. In 2023 alone, the platform saw a remarkable mobilization of EUR 180 million, marking its most active year to date. With a growing presence and a diverse portfolio, SeedBlink is emerging as a key player in the European tech ecosystem.

Platform Overview:

SeedBlink provides a comprehensive platform offering three main types of investment rounds for startups: VC-backed rounds, Syndicates, and Community Stars. The investment rounds cover the entire spectrum from pre-seed to Series B, with investment amounts ranging from EUR 50,000 to EUR 2 million. The platform’s success is reflected in its ability to attract a wide range of startups, from budding entrepreneurs to established businesses looking to scale.

Notable Achievements in 2023:

SeedBlink’s most active year in 2023 saw the platform facilitating 53 deals for promising European startups, including notable names such as FLOWX.AI, Dronamics, and Alcatraz AI. These deals spanned across 20 tech verticals, showcasing SeedBlink’s ability to support innovation in diverse sectors.

Funding Distribution and Verticals:

In 2023, SeedBlink observed a significant share of rounds dedicated to Seed funding, constituting 41% of the total. The top five funded verticals based on the mobilized amount were Enterprise SaaS (EUR 67 million), AI/ML (EUR 55 million), FinTech (EUR 9 million), Marketplace (EUR 8.5 million), and MedTech (EUR 5.5 million). This diversity highlights the platform’s commitment to supporting startups across various industries.

Investor Portfolio and Participation:

SeedBlink has fostered an engaged investor community, with the largest investor portfolio value surpassing EUR 900,000 and including 49 investments. The average investment for retail investors is EUR 6,200, while sophisticated investors, on average, contribute EUR 44,000. Notably, 25% of all portfolios include five or more companies, indicating a commitment to building diversified investment portfolios. The average investment ticket stands at EUR 5,600, with 50% of the total invested amount coming from tickets of EUR 10,000. The platform reports a strong presence of repeat investors, constituting 47.5% of active investors.

SeedBlink’s achievements underscore its growing influence in the European tech investment landscape. As it continues to provide support for startups at various stages of growth, from pre-seed to Series B, the platform is well-positioned to contribute significantly to the success and development of the European tech ecosystem. With its proven track record and diverse portfolio, SeedBlink remains a key player in driving innovation and fostering entrepreneurship across the continent.

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