Bengaluru-based insurtech startup Healspan has successfully raised Rs 1.2 crore in a pre-seed funding round led by startup accelerator PedalStart. Founded in 2022 by Sabrinath U and Abhi Sinha, Healspan is focused on revolutionizing the insurance claims process within the healthcare sector. With this latest capital infusion, bringing the total funding to Rs 1.7 crore, Healspan is poised for significant growth in India’s competitive insurtech landscape.

Streamlining Insurance Claims in Healthcare:

Healspan’s mission revolves around streamlining the insurance claims process for healthcare institutions. The startup utilizes technology to expedite the claims cycle, aiming to reduce insurance payment turnaround time by an impressive 30%. Notably, the company has already achieved a fourfold increase in revenue, signaling strong market demand for its innovative services. The accelerated claims settlement, with claims being processed within 90 days, represents a substantial improvement over traditional methods.

Ambitious Plans and Market Presence:

Operating in key Indian cities such as Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi-NCR, and Mumbai, Healspan has ambitious plans for expansion. With a focus on leveraging India’s rapidly growing healthcare sector, the startup aims to extend its services to at least 1,000 hospitals by the end of 2025. The newly acquired funding will play a pivotal role in realizing these expansion plans.

Utilization of Funding:

Healspan plans to allocate the funds towards enhancing its technology infrastructure, acquiring talent, and optimizing business operations. By strengthening these aspects, the startup aims to scale its operations and cater to a larger number of healthcare providers across the country. The investment will be instrumental in fueling Healspan’s mission to simplify insurance processes for both healthcare providers and patients.

PedalStart’s High Expectations:

PedalStart, serving as the lead investor in Healspan’s pre-seed funding round, expressed high expectations for the startup. The accelerator is committed to onboarding 2,000 founders into its community in the current fiscal year, with plans to invest in 20 to 30 startups and accelerate about 40. The investment in Healspan aligns seamlessly with PedalStart’s strategy of supporting innovative startups with high growth potential in the technology sector.

Outlook for Healspan:

Healspan’s successful funding round positions the startup for accelerated growth and increased market influence. As it continues to disrupt the traditional norms of insurance claims processing in the healthcare sector, Healspan stands as a promising player in India’s insurtech landscape. The funding from PedalStart further validates the startup’s potential and underscores the importance of transformative technologies in simplifying complex processes within the healthcare industry.

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