Groningen-based deeptech startup QDI Systems has made waves in the quantum dots technology landscape by securing €5 million in its Series A funding round. The investment, led by the Northern Netherlands’ investment and development agency NOM, along with participation from existing investors Carduso Capital, RuG Ventures, and, positions QDI Systems to scale its groundbreaking quantum dots technology specifically tailored for the medical sector.

Quantum Dots Beyond Displays

While quantum dot (QD) technology has gained familiarity in consumer electronics through its application in TV and display units, QDI Systems is taking this revolutionary technology to new heights. Unlike its counterparts enhancing visual experiences in entertainment, QDI Systems is leveraging quantum dots for significant advancements in the medical field.

Medical Imaging Redefined

QDI Systems, a spin-off from the Zernike Institute for Advanced Materials, is directing its quantum dots technology towards medical imaging operations, notably X-ray imaging and mammography screening. The innovative application of nanomaterial quantum dots brings forth a transformative approach by substantially reducing the amount of radiation required in these processes. This reduction not only enhances safety but also contributes to making medical imaging faster and more precise.

Series A Funding Boost

The €5 million raised in the Series A round signifies a strong vote of confidence in QDI Systems’ mission to revolutionize medical imaging. With NOM at the helm of this funding round, the startup is well-positioned to accelerate the development and deployment of its quantum dots technology in the healthcare sector.

Expanding Horizons: Shortwave Infrared (SWIR) Applications

While QDI Systems is making significant strides in improving medical imaging, the startup’s ambitions extend beyond the realms of healthcare. The team is actively working on the development of technology that harnesses shortwave infrared (SWIR). This opens up possibilities for applications in various industries.

One potential avenue for SWIR technology is industrial applications, particularly in image sensors for sorting processes. The precision and efficiency offered by SWIR could redefine sorting operations in industries ranging from manufacturing to logistics. Additionally, QDI Systems envisions consumer applications, such as facial recognition for mobile phones, where SWIR can play a pivotal role.

CEO’s Vision: Unlocking Market Opportunities

Artem Shulga, CEO and founder of QDI Systems, elaborated on the startup’s vision, stating, “We work with image sensing and semiconductor companies, which typically focus on image sensors beyond X-ray. With the shortwave infrared market on the brink of significant growth due to consumer market adoption, this application unlocks a significant market opportunity for us.”

QDI Systems’ commitment to collaboration with industry leaders in image sensing and semiconductor domains highlights the startup’s strategic approach to maximizing the potential of quantum dot technology.

Transformative Impact on Multiple Fronts

QDI Systems’ quantum dots technology not only promises to elevate the standards of medical imaging, making it safer and more efficient, but also opens up exciting possibilities in industrial and consumer applications. As the startup continues to innovate and expand its technological horizons, it stands at the forefront of utilizing quantum dots for advancements that extend far beyond the realms of entertainment displays. The recent Series A funding marks a crucial milestone for QDI Systems, paving the way for a future where quantum dots reshape the landscape of various industries.

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