On January 16, 2024, India celebrated National Startup Day, a significant occasion announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The proclamation, made on January 15, 2022, aligns with the foundation day of Startup India and is a testament to the remarkable growth and contributions of the startup community to the Indian economy.

The Evolution of Startup India

Launched in 2016, the Startup India initiative has been a catalyst for the flourishing entrepreneurial ecosystem in the country. The journey has been nothing short of spectacular, with the number of startups skyrocketing from around 340 in its inaugural year to an impressive over 1,15,000 in 2023. This exponential growth underscores the vibrancy and potential of the Indian startup landscape.

Key Initiatives Fueling Growth

The success of Startup India can be attributed to a series of well-crafted initiatives aimed at providing comprehensive support to startups. Key schemes such as the Seed Fund Scheme, Fund of Funds Scheme, Credit Guarantee Scheme for Startups, MAARG mentorship platform, National Startup Awards, and the State Ranking Framework have played a pivotal role in fostering entrepreneurship.

1. Seed Fund Scheme: Designed to provide financial assistance to startups in their early stages, the Seed Fund Scheme has been instrumental in helping entrepreneurs turn their ideas into viable businesses. The infusion of capital at this critical juncture has empowered startups to navigate the challenging initial phases of development.

2. Fund of Funds Scheme: The Fund of Funds Scheme is geared towards creating a robust funding ecosystem for startups. By supporting venture capital funds that, in turn, invest in startups, this initiative ensures a sustainable cycle of financial support. It has been a game-changer in attracting investment and fueling innovation.

3. Credit Guarantee Scheme for Startups: Recognizing the importance of financial stability, the Credit Guarantee Scheme for Startups provides a safety net for entrepreneurs. By mitigating the risk for financial institutions, this scheme encourages them to extend credit to startups, fostering a more conducive environment for growth.

4. MAARG Mentorship Platform: Mentorship plays a pivotal role in the journey of any startup. The MAARG mentorship platform connects experienced mentors with aspiring entrepreneurs, providing guidance, insights, and valuable industry knowledge. This collaborative approach has been crucial in nurturing the next generation of business leaders.

5. National Startup Awards: The National Startup Awards recognize and celebrate outstanding startups across various sectors. By acknowledging achievements and innovation, these awards inspire others and contribute to the overall growth of the startup ecosystem.

6. State Ranking Framework: Creating healthy competition among states, the State Ranking Framework evaluates and ranks their efforts in promoting and nurturing startups. This initiative encourages states to adopt best practices, fostering a decentralized approach to startup development.

National Startup Day 2024: Theme

Building on the momentum of the previous year, the theme for National Startup Day 2024 centers around “Founders of Today, Leaders of Tomorrow.” This theme emphasizes the role of current founders as trailblazers who are not only shaping the present but are also laying the foundation for the future leadership of the startup ecosystem.

Startup India: Roadmap for a $5 Trillion Economy

National Startup Day is not just a celebration; it is a reflection of India’s ambitious pursuit of a $5 trillion economy. With robust government backing, Indian startups secured a staggering $7 billion in funding in 2023, as reported by Tracxn data. This financial injection is a testament to the strategic roadmap for economic growth, encompassing inclusive development, digitalization, fintech, technology-enabled progress, and a positive cycle of investment and growth.


National Startup Day 2024 stands as a testament to the vision of a nation that recognizes the transformative power of startups. The journey from ideation to innovation, fueled by initiatives like Startup India, showcases India’s commitment to fostering entrepreneurship, driving economic growth, and positioning itself as a global leader in the startup landscape. As we celebrate the Founders of Today on this National Startup Day, we eagerly anticipate the Leaders of Tomorrow who will shape the destiny of India’s entrepreneurial journey.

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