In a resounding acknowledgment of their efforts to foster innovation and entrepreneurship, Karnataka, Gujarat, and Kerala have emerged as the best-performing states in developing startup ecosystems for budding entrepreneurs. This recognition comes from the rankings released by the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT), shedding light on the states and Union territories (UTs) at the forefront of India’s startup revolution.

DPIIT’s Startup Ecosystem Rankings

The unveiling of the state-wise startup rankings for 2022 by Commerce and Industry Minister Piyush Goyal marked a momentous occasion for India’s entrepreneurial landscape. The rankings categorized states and UTs under five distinct classifications: best performers, top performers, leaders, aspiring leaders, and emerging startup ecosystems.

Best Performers

Karnataka: Known for its vibrant capital city, Bengaluru, Karnataka has long been hailed as the Silicon Valley of India. The state’s proactive policies, robust infrastructure, and a thriving tech community contribute to its status as a best performer.

Gujarat: Home to a burgeoning startup ecosystem, Gujarat has made significant strides in creating an environment conducive to entrepreneurial growth. Initiatives like the Gujarat Startup and Innovation Policy have played a pivotal role in this accomplishment.

Kerala: Kerala’s rise as a startup hub showcases the state’s commitment to innovation and technology. With initiatives like the Kerala Startup Mission (KSUM), the state has become a nurturing ground for startups across various sectors.

Top Performers

Tamil Nadu: The southern state of Tamil Nadu has consistently demonstrated its dedication to fostering innovation. With a strong industrial base and supportive policies, Tamil Nadu is rightfully recognized as a top performer in the startup ecosystem.

Himachal Pradesh: The serene landscapes of Himachal Pradesh are not just a visual delight; they also provide a conducive environment for startups. The state’s inclusion as a top performer reflects its commitment to creating opportunities for budding entrepreneurs.


States and UTs falling under the “Leaders” category include Maharashtra, Odisha, and Telangana. These regions have showcased exemplary efforts in promoting startup ecosystems, creating a conducive environment for entrepreneurs to thrive.

Aspiring Leaders and Emerging Startup Ecosystems

Beyond the top rankings, the DPIIT report also identified states as aspiring leaders and those with emerging startup ecosystems. This recognition sheds light on the diversity of efforts across the country, with various regions actively working towards building robust platforms for budding entrepreneurs.

Criteria for Rankings

The rankings, a result of a comprehensive assessment, are based on the initiatives taken by states and UTs to develop startup ecosystems. The criteria include factors such as the implementation of policies, availability of infrastructure, access to funding, and overall support provided to startups.

Fostering a Culture of Innovation

The state-wise startup rankings not only celebrate the achievements of the top performers but also serve as an inspiration for others. The recognition highlights the importance of fostering a culture of innovation, where governments, industry bodies, and local communities collaborate to create environments conducive to startup success.

As India continues on its journey to becoming a global hub for innovation and entrepreneurship, the efforts of states like Karnataka, Gujarat, and Kerala set a benchmark for others to follow. The rankings serve as a roadmap, guiding regions across the country to actively participate in nurturing the next generation of startups and contributing to India’s position on the global startup map.

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