Bengaluru-based startup Accio Robotics has successfully raised $1.8 million in its Pre-Series A funding round. The funding, led by BIG Capital, marks a pivotal moment for Accio Robotics as it strives to transform order picking in warehouses through its innovative robotics system. The company released an official statement on Tuesday, December 9, unveiling its ambitious plans for utilizing the funds.

The Pre-Series A funding round saw active participation from various investors, showcasing the growing confidence in Accio Robotics’ vision. Notable contributors include Unisync Angels, Daniel Fitzgerald, and existing investors such as Roots Ventures and Anuj Bihani, founder of Impaqt Robotics. This diverse group of backers signifies the broad appeal and potential impact of Accio’s warehouse automation solutions.

Fund Utilization Strategy

Accio has outlined a strategic plan for utilizing the raised capital, focusing on key areas that will enhance its capabilities and expand its global footprint. The funds will be directed towards strengthening the technology and product team, establishing channels for international growth, and facilitating the deployment of more robotic systems. This approach reflects Accio’s commitment to continual innovation and scalability.

Accio Robotics has positioned itself as a game-changer in the warehouse automation sector by developing a groundbreaking robotics system. This system is designed to revolutionize how businesses manage order picking, introducing efficiency and simplicity to the process. Notably, the robotics system operates seamlessly in both 2D and 3D configurations, making it an attractive choice for warehouse automation.

With the infusion of fresh capital, Accio is gearing up for its official global product launch and showcase in February 2024. The company aims to leverage its innovative solutions to establish a strong presence in the global market. The global launch represents a crucial milestone for Accio Robotics as it seeks to demonstrate the capabilities of its robotics system on an international stage.

Previous Funding and Investor Confidence

Accio had previously secured funding from prominent sources such as 100X.VC, CIO Angel Network, and a group of angel investors led by Ajay Sarupria and Uday Sodhi. The continued support from existing and new investors underscores the confidence in Accio’s vision and the potential impact of its robotics solutions in the warehouse and fulfillment center space.

Preetinder Singh Panjrath, CFO of BIG Capital, expressed admiration for Accio Robotics’ product offering, emphasizing its simplicity, efficiency, and the ability to deliver an attractive return on investment (ROI) to customers. The ability of Accio Robotics to operate in both 2D and 3D configurations positions it as an attractive choice for warehouse automation.

Raising Efficiency in Warehouses

Accio Robotics focuses on developing mobile robotics systems tailored for warehouses and fulfillment centers, with a primary objective of automating the order-picking process. Beyond the immediate benefit of increased order fulfillment productivity, Accio’s solutions contribute to the hyper-optimization of space utilization in warehouse environments.

Accio Robotics’ successful Pre-Series A funding round marks a significant milestone in its journey to redefine warehouse automation. With a clear roadmap for utilizing the raised capital and ambitious plans for a global product launch, Accio Robotics is poised to make a lasting impact on the efficiency and functionality of warehouses worldwide. The continued endorsement from investors underscores the industry’s recognition of the transformative potential inherent in Accio’s innovative robotics solutions.

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