Rounak Adhikary, a student at Lovely Professional University, is making waves in the tech industry with his ambitious project, ‘ProjectX.Cloud.’ The cloud-based operating system, aimed at eliminating hardware dependency across various devices, has recently received a significant boost with $200,000 (Rs 1.70 crore) in infrastructure support from Google Cloud. Adhikary’s innovative approach has garnered attention, propelling ProjectX.Cloud to the forefront of technological advancements.

Google Cloud Infuses $200,000 in Infrastructure Aid

Rounak Adhikary’s brainchild, ProjectX.Cloud, has secured substantial support from Google Cloud, with an infusion of $200,000 in infrastructure aid. This backing highlights the recognition and potential of Adhikary’s vision to revolutionize device functionality by reducing reliance on traditional hardware. The support from Google Cloud is a testament to the project’s innovative approach and the promising future it holds in cloud-based technology.

Seed Funding Endeavors

The young founder is not stopping there. Rounak Adhikary is actively seeking seed funding amounting to $3 million (Rs 24 crore) to further propel the growth and development of ProjectX.Cloud. His endeavors have already gained recognition through grants totaling Rs 10 lakh from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and the Ministry of Electronics and IT. Additionally, Adhikary has been honored through the Microsoft Founder’s Programme and AWS Activate Founder’s Programme, securing supplementary funding exceeding Rs 50 lakh.

Recognition and Launchpad Accelerator at IIM Bangalore

Rounak Adhikary’s innovative project has earned him a coveted spot in the Launchpad accelerator at IIM Bangalore. This recognition has drawn attention from prominent global venture capital firms, showcasing the potential impact and significance of ProjectX.Cloud in the tech landscape. Adhikary’s dedication to revolutionizing device functionality without hardware dependency is gaining traction within both academic and investment communities.

Investor Interest and Global Recognition

Adhikary’s efforts have not gone unnoticed by significant investors, including IFC World Bank, Elevation Capital, Campus Fund, and Kalaari Capital. His unique proposition and vision for ProjectX.Cloud have resonated within the investment community, indicating the project’s promising potential for future advancements in cloud-based technology. The infusion of funds and support from reputable organizations underscore the momentum behind Adhikary’s initiative and the transformative impact it may have on the tech industry.

Aspirations for ProjectX.Cloud

Expressing his aspirations, Rounak Adhikary stated, “ProjectX.Cloud is dedicated to revolutionizing device functionality by reducing dependency on hardware.” With substantial support from Google Cloud and ongoing efforts to secure seed funding, Adhikary envisions ProjectX.Cloud playing a pivotal role in shaping the future of cloud-based operating systems, offering innovative solutions to reduce hardware reliance and enhance overall device functionality.

Rounak Adhikary’s journey with ProjectX.Cloud exemplifies the power of innovative thinking and determination. The infusion of $200,000 from Google Cloud, along with previous grants and recognition, positions ProjectX.Cloud as a promising player in the tech industry. Adhikary’s vision to redefine device functionality and reduce hardware dependency resonates with investors and industry leaders, paving the way for exciting advancements in cloud-based technology. As the project continues to evolve, it is poised to make a lasting impact on the landscape of device operating systems and the broader realm of technology.

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