Fractal, a global provider of artificial intelligence and advanced analytics solutions to Fortune 500® companies, has joined forces with Coursera, a leading online learning platform. The collaboration aims to launch a comprehensive entry-level Data Science Professional Certificate designed to empower learners with the skills essential for an entry-level data scientist role.

Empowering Learners in the Age of AI

Srikanth Velamakanni, Co-founder, Group Chief Executive & Vice Chairman at Fractal, emphasized the rapid shrinkage of the half-life of knowledge in the age of AI. He stated, “The people who will succeed will need to adapt, learn to learn, and be creative problem solvers.” The Data Science Professional Certificate is positioned as a pivotal tool to help learners master the fundamentals of data science, providing them with the capabilities to contribute to enterprise decision-making.

Marni Baker Stein, Chief Content Officer at Coursera, expressed excitement about leveraging Fractal Analytics’ data science expertise to launch a job-relevant certificate. Stein highlighted the importance of accessible, high-quality education for digital roles, especially in a landscape where data-driven decision-making and analytics are becoming increasingly vital across industries.

The Curriculum and Learning Experience

The Data Science Professional Certificate is a comprehensive eight-course program tailored to equip aspiring data scientists with the necessary skills to thrive in the dynamic technological landscape. The program is designed for learners with varying levels of experience and skills. The core focus is on problem-solving, teaching participants to analyze and solve complex business problems using tools such as Python, SQL, Power BI, and machine learning. Additionally, the program emphasizes the art of compelling storytelling to drive decision-making.

The curriculum encourages critical thinking, aiming to provide a deeper understanding of the core principles of data science beyond mere operational knowledge. Learners will engage in real-world applications, gaining hands-on experience in utilizing data science tools and techniques.

Fractal’s Commitment to Education and Innovation

Aligned with its commitment to education, innovation, and contributing to economic growth, Fractal’s partnership with Coursera underscores the company’s dedication to providing high-quality education in data science. The program not only addresses the immediate need for skilled data scientists but also aligns with Fractal’s vision to power every human decision in the enterprise through AI, engineering, and design.

Industry Recognition and Expansion

Fractal, as a prominent provider of Artificial Intelligence to Fortune 500® companies, has garnered industry recognition for its contributions. The company’s businesses, including Crux Intelligence,,,, and Flyfish, cover a spectrum of AI-driven solutions from business intelligence to sustainability and conversational AI.

With over 4,500 employees across 16 global locations, including the United States, UK, Ukraine, India, Singapore, and Australia, Fractal has established itself as a leader in the AI domain. The company’s commitment to fostering education aligns seamlessly with Coursera’s mission to provide universal access to world-class learning.

Enrolling in the Data Science Certificate Program

The Data Science Professional Certificate is set to become a valuable resource for individuals seeking to enter the field of data science. Fractal Analytics, in collaboration with Coursera, has created a learning path that not only imparts essential skills but also emphasizes critical thinking and problem-solving – crucial attributes for success in the dynamic world of data science.

For those interested in enrolling in the Data Science Certificate program, detailed information is available on the [official enrollment page](Data Science Professional Certificate).

In conclusion, the collaboration between Fractal and Coursera marks a significant step towards democratizing education in data science. By providing learners with a well-rounded and industry-relevant curriculum, the Data Science Professional Certificate is poised to make a lasting impact on the careers of aspiring data scientists, contributing to the growth and evolution of the data science landscape.

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