Metagood, a leading blockchain technology and digital assets company, has successfully concluded a $5 million series seed funding round aimed at propelling the development of its Osura marketplace. Osura focuses on art within the Bitcoin ecosystem and aims to revolutionize the collaboration between artists and the blockchain.

Danny Yang, CEO of Metagood, expressed excitement about the groundbreaking collaboration with artists to immortalize their creations on Bitcoin. Osura leverages the Ordinals protocol, a simple, elegant, and powerful platform that has unlocked a significant market for storing and securing high-value assets on the Bitcoin blockchain.

The series seed round was led by Sora Ventures and witnessed participation from key investors, including ACTAI Ventures, Bitcoin Frontier Fund, UTXO Management, London Real Ventures, and, among others.

The Ordinals Protocol and Osura’s Focus on Art

The Ordinals protocol, merely a year old, has played a crucial role in enabling the storage and security of high-value assets on the Bitcoin blockchain. Osura, as part of Metagood’s vision, is building the infrastructure for launching and trading assets developed on the Ordinals protocol, with a primary focus on art within the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Bill Tai, legendary venture capitalist and Metagood Chairman, emphasized the significance of embracing art on Bitcoin. He stated, “Embracing art on Bitcoin marks a stride into digital ownership, paving the way for real-world assets to seamlessly transact on the blockchain.” The move aligns with the broader trend witnessed in other chains with the advent of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), signaling Bitcoin’s journey toward parallel explosive growth.

Strategic Funding Partnerships

The successful completion of the $5 million series seed funding is part of Metagood’s larger financing endeavor of $10 million. The funds raised will play a pivotal role in advancing technology and product innovations within Osura. The company aims to redefine industry standards by merging technology, art, and community engagement in the Bitcoin digital asset marketplace.

Jason Fang, Founder and Managing Partner at Sora Ventures, highlighted the conviction that the most valuable digital artifacts will find their home on Bitcoin. Leading the round for Metagood signifies a testament to Sora Ventures’ unwavering belief in the Ordinals space and the potential of digital artifacts within the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Future Developments and Growth

The injected capital will empower Metagood to forge partnerships with artists, enhance product offerings on Osura, and expand its engineering and marketing teams to meet the growing demand from clients and users. Amanda Terry, Chief Operating Officer of Metagood, stated, “With this new funding, Metagood is poised to elevate the Osura marketplace to new heights, further solidifying our standing as an industry leader in premium digital artifacts.”

Metagood boasts a dynamic founding team with extensive experience building on both Bitcoin and Ethereum. CEO Danny Yang, a crypto industry veteran, has a notable track record with ventures like Maicoin and Blockseer. COO Amanda Terry, with a background in business development at Twitter, brings valuable expertise as a digital media operator and startup investor. Chairman Bill Tai, a crypto pioneer since 2010, has an impressive track record as an investor in various successful ventures.

Metagood’s Track Record and Future Vision

Metagood made history with the launch of the OnChainMonkey (OCM) digital art collection in a single Ethereum transaction in September 2021. The company continued to trailblaze in 2023 with the introduction of the Ordinals protocol on Bitcoin, advancing the Ordinal collections of OCM Dimensions and OCM Genesis. These collections showcased innovative art on Bitcoin and introduced recursive inscriptions—a new type of modular programming enabled on Bitcoin.

Osura, Metagood’s NFT Marketplace, stands out as a premium Ordinals platform for art on Bitcoin. In addition to collaborations with iconic luxury brands, Metagood has an exciting lineup for artists launching on Osura in 2024, further expanding the platform’s reach and influence.

In conclusion, the successful series seed funding and strategic partnerships signify a new era for Metagood and its vision for Osura. The company’s commitment to advancing technology, fostering collaborations with artists, and providing innovative solutions within the Bitcoin ecosystem positions it as a key player in the intersection of blockchain, art, and digital ownership. As Metagood continues to innovate, the $5 million funding milestone represents a significant step towards reshaping the landscape of digital assets on the Bitcoin blockchain.

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