Copenhagen-based Magic Feedback, a promising AI startup founded in 2023 by former Google employees Nima Vali Rajabi (CEO) and Francisco Arias (CTO), has successfully raised a substantial €1.2 million in a pre-seed investment round. The funding, led by Maki VC and backed by individual angel investor Geeta Schmidt, former CEO and Co-founder of Humio, positions Magic Feedback to redefine the way product teams engage with and analyze user feedback.

Revolutionizing User Feedback Management

Magic Feedback is on a mission to streamline and elevate the user feedback experience for product teams. Recognizing the challenges faced by product teams in unifying and comprehensively understanding user feedback, the startup has developed a platform that consolidates feedback from various sources. Leveraging custom-built AI, the platform automatically analyzes and categorizes feedback, empowering product teams with actionable insights.

CEO and Co-Founder of Magic Feedback, Nima Vali Rajabi, highlighted the common struggle faced by product teams: “No one has time to unify and make sense of all the feedback collected. Instead, feedback is scattered all over the place, slowing down decision-making and leading to solutions being built without key insights.”

Unified Feedback Platform with AI Integration

For companies dealing with qualitative user feedback dispersed across support tickets, meeting notes, and product reviews, organizing and categorizing such information can be a cumbersome and costly process. Magic Feedback addresses this challenge with its unified feedback platform that seamlessly connects to all platforms where user feedback is stored. The AI capabilities of the platform enable automatic organization and categorization of feedback, saving time and facilitating informed decision-making for product teams.

Former Humio CEO Geeta Schmidt, now an angel investor in Magic Feedback, expressed confidence in the startup’s vision, saying, “By putting in the work and never compromising their vision, Nima and Fran have now positioned themselves to make a positive impact on every product on the internet.”

As Magic Feedback continues to gain traction and redefine the landscape of user feedback analysis, the pre-seed investment serves as a testament to the confidence investors have in the startup’s potential to drive positive change in the industry.

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