Australian fintech startup, Mist, has secured significant backing from prominent investors, including Investible, Allectus Capital, Archangel Ventures, Seedspace, and The Hunter Angels. Founded by industry veterans John Crutchley, former head of international banking at Volt, and Dave Malcolm, co-founder of Marley Spoon, Mist aims to simplify the international student experience, offering a comprehensive app-based solution that addresses key challenges around banking, telecommunications, and lifestyle services.

Strategic Backing: Mist has garnered substantial support from well-established investors, positioning the startup for growth and innovation in the fintech and international student service sectors.

Go-To App for International Students: The core objective of Mist is to emerge as the preferred app for international students, streamlining their relocation process and offering integrated solutions for essential services such as payments, local accounts, phone SIMs, overseas health coverage, and international student ID cards.

Comprehensive In-App Features: Mist’s initial set of in-app features encompasses a range of services crucial for international students, facilitating seamless relocation and settling in a new country. The app will provide a one-stop solution for various needs, simplifying the often complex process of moving to another country for education.

Leadership Expertise: Co-founder John Crutchley, with a background as a former ANZ executive focused on international students, brings valuable insights into the unique challenges faced by this demographic. His partnership with Dave Malcolm, known for his role in co-founding Marley Spoon, positions Mist with a robust leadership team.

Stress-Free Relocation: Recognizing the stress and complications associated with relocating to study abroad, Mist aims to alleviate these challenges by offering innovative solutions around verification, payments, and communications, streamlining the pre-departure process for students.

Strategic Partnerships: Mist has strategically entered into contracts with key channel partners for its B2B2C go-to-market launch in Australia and beyond. These partnerships include renowned international student education consultants such as Global Study Partners, StudyLink, MSM Unify, and StudyMe, targeting major markets like China, India, and Southeast Asia.

Infrastructure Partnerships: To enhance its service offerings, Mist has secured partnerships with key infrastructure providers, including Novatti for banking and payments, Xtreme Communications for telecommunications, and ISIC for international student ID cards.

Addressing Growing Market: With the international student migration expected to double to 10 million by 2030, Mist is strategically positioned to tap into this rapidly growing market, offering tailored solutions to address the evolving needs of students worldwide.

Mist’s successful funding round and strategic partnerships underscore its commitment to revolutionizing the international student experience. As Mist prepares to launch its comprehensive app, it aims to redefine how students approach relocation, providing a holistic and user-friendly platform. With a strong foundation, expert leadership, and strategic alliances, Mist is poised to become a key player in facilitating the smooth transition of students studying abroad, embodying its mission to help them ‘Move, Settle & Live’ in their new countries.

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