Infosys, a leading IT services company, marked a significant milestone with the inauguration of its new development centre at the Mihan Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in Nagpur, Maharashtra. The company has made a substantial investment of over Rs 230 crore in the development of this cutting-edge facility, covering an expansive 2,65,000 square feet.

Advancing Innovation and Hybrid Work Models

The state-of-the-art development centre reflects Infosys’ commitment to fostering innovation, providing a unique integration of art and science within its architecture. One of the key features of this facility is its design to accommodate a hybrid work model, offering greater flexibility for employees to seamlessly blend remote and office work. This aligns with the evolving work preferences and future-ready workplace strategies of Infosys.

The new centre in Nagpur is strategically designed to facilitate work on next-generation technologies, including cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI), and digital solutions. Employees at the centre will have the opportunity to engage with these technologies across diverse industries, such as telecommunications, banking, retail, aerospace, automobile, logistics, and manufacturing.

Capacity and Future-Ready Workplace

With a capacity to accommodate over 3,000 employees, the Nagpur development centre is in line with Infosys’ vision for a future-ready hybrid workplace. This model emphasizes adaptability and provides employees with an environment conducive to collaboration, innovation, and continuous learning.

The inauguration ceremony of the development centre witnessed the presence of esteemed dignitaries, including Union Minister Nitin Gadkari and Deputy Chief Minister of Maharashtra Devendra Fadnavis. Senior executives from Infosys were also in attendance to mark this significant milestone.

Driving Local Talent Development

Beyond its technological advancements and architectural excellence, the Infosys development centre in Nagpur serves as a platform for the re-skilling and up-skilling of local talent. By providing opportunities to engage with cutting-edge technologies, Infosys contributes to the development of a skilled workforce in the region.

Infosys’ continued investment in state-of-the-art facilities demonstrates its commitment to innovation, technology leadership, and the development of a future-ready workforce. The Nagpur development centre stands as a testament to Infosys’ vision for a dynamic and adaptive workplace, where employees can thrive in an environment that seamlessly integrates technology, art, and collaboration.

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