Satellite manufacturing company EMXYS is at the forefront of innovation with its groundbreaking project, “EdgeAISat,” designed to enhance the efficiency of satellite data processing and reporting. Leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms, EdgeAISat aims to revolutionize image processing in orbit, presenting a significant leap in the satellite technology domain.

The primary objective of EdgeAISat is to expedite the detection and reporting of events occurring on Earth’s surface. To achieve this, EMXYS incorporates advanced AI algorithms on board the satellite to analyze vast datasets of images captured during its orbit. The AI system sifts through the massive volume of data, transmitting only the most pertinent atmospheric and planetary information back to Earth.

Francisco García de Quirós, Technology Manager at EMXYS, highlighted two key advantages of this approach. Firstly, by sending only relevant data, the satellite optimizes bandwidth usage and reduces the time required for data processing at mission control on Earth. Secondly, the AI-equipped satellite enables near-instantaneous detection of meteorological, anthropological, or natural events on Earth’s surface, providing real-time insights.

The potential applications of EdgeAISat span diverse scenarios, including the early detection of forest fires, volcanic activity, and instances of illegal dumping. The innovative technology positions EMXYS as a leader in advancing the capabilities of satellite systems, merging AI and space technology for enhanced data analytics.

EdgeAISat is an extension of EMXYS’s ODALISS project, a flexible satellite system designed to carry various technologies into orbit. EMXYS, committed to developing high-performance electronic systems for space applications, has been a significant player in the space industry since its first mission in 2007. The company participated in the European Space Agency’s Young Engineers Satellite 2 experiment, demonstrating advanced tether technology for spacecraft de-orbiting and payload return to Earth.

The Elche-based startup, a collaboration between the Miguel Hernández University of Elche and the Polytechnic University of Valencia, continues to push the boundaries of satellite technology. With two planned space missions in 2024, EMXYS remains at the forefront of innovation, driving advancements in satellite capabilities and data analytics. The EdgeAISat project represents a significant stride towards a more efficient, responsive, and intelligent satellite infrastructure.

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