European startups are spearheading a revolution in the food industry by harnessing precision fermentation to create animal-free dairy products. This transformative technology has the potential to reshape the landscape of traditional dairy production, offering sustainable and cruelty-free alternatives. Among the pioneers leading this charge are Formo, Better Dairy, Onego Bio, Those Vegan Cowboys, and Fermify.

Formo: Precision Fermentation for Animal-Free Dairy Proteins

Based in Germany, Formo, formerly known as LegenDairy Foods, has embraced precision fermentation to craft animal-free dairy proteins with precision and care. Specializing in dairy products, Formo aims to revolutionize the industry by producing high-quality dairy proteins without the need for traditional animal farming. This not only addresses environmental concerns but also meets the rising demand for sustainable and ethical food choices.

Better Dairy: Fermentation for High-Value Dairy Commodities

Headquartered in London, Better Dairy is a startup dedicated to creating dairy products through the power of fermentation. Focusing on high-value commodities like cheese, Better Dairy employs precision fermentation techniques to craft dairy alternatives that not only cater to ethical considerations but also offer a flavorful and nutritious option for consumers seeking sustainable choices.

Onego Bio: Precision Fermentation for Animal-Free Egg Proteins

Onego Bio, based in Helsinki, Finland, is at the forefront of animal-free egg protein production using precision fermentation. By leveraging biotechnology, Onego Bio is working towards creating a sustainable and cruelty-free alternative to conventional egg production. Their efforts contribute to addressing environmental concerns associated with traditional agriculture while meeting the growing demand for plant-based protein sources.

Those Vegan Cowboys: Precision Fermentation for Vegan Cheese

Founded by the creators of The Vegetarian Butcher, Those Vegan Cowboys, based in Belgium, is on a mission to redefine the vegan cheese landscape. Using precision fermentation, the company is focused on producing dairy proteins like casein, a crucial component in cheese production. This innovative approach aims to deliver vegan cheese with the texture, taste, and nutritional profile that rivals traditional dairy counterparts.

Fermify: APF for Animal-Free Cheese at Scale

Austrian-based Fermify, founded by Eva Sommer and Christoph Herwig, has taken precision fermentation to the next level with its fully automated platform. Specializing in precision fermentation-derived casein, Fermify is scaling up the production of animal-free cheese. The recent extension of their seed round underlines their commitment to accelerating the development and market entry of animal-free cheese.

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