The race for space dominance is intensifying as two UK-based companies, Orbex and HyImpulse, secure a substantial funding boost of over £6.7 million. This injection of funds is set to elevate Britain’s efforts to establish itself as a key player in the global space industry. With ambitious plans for satellite launches and a commitment to eco-friendly practices, these companies are at the forefront of the nation’s space exploration endeavors.

£3.3m Funding Accelerates Green Rocket Ambitions

Orbex, stationed at Sutherland Spaceport, secures a £3.3 million investment to develop low-carbon orbital launch services. The funding earmarked for carbon-neutral operations and the creation of green rocket fuel. Plans for a cutting-edge manufacturing facility for renewable feedstock-based rocket fuel at Sutherland Spaceport.

Shetland Launch Prepares for Hybrid Propulsion

HyImpulse, gearing up for launch at SaxaVord Spaceport in Shetland, receives nearly £3.4 million to test its hybrid propulsion system. The funding was directed toward achieving carbon-neutral operations and pioneering the development of green rocket fuel from synthesized paraffin. Establishment of Carbon Launch Systems, a UK-based joint venture, to manufacture carbon fibre Liquid Oxygen Tanks.

UK Space Agency Fuels Ambitions

The funding stems from the UK Space Agency’s contributions to a European Space Agency program focused on bringing space transportation services to market. Aiming to solidify the UK’s position as Europe’s leading destination for small satellite launches. Reflects the nation’s commitment to space sustainability and the vision to be at the forefront of next-generation space technology.

Orbex to Lead Carbon-Neutral Space Exploration

Orbex’s plans to install equipment for manufacturing renewable feedstock-based rocket fuel at Sutherland Spaceport. Construction at the spaceport, which began in April 2023, aims to make it the world’s first carbon-neutral spaceport. Ambitious target to launch up to 12 orbital rockets annually once fully operational.

HyImpulse UK’s Carbon-Neutral Mission

HyImpulse’s commitment to carbon-neutral operations and the development of eco-friendly rocket fuel from synthesized paraffin. The establishment of Carbon Launch Systems to manufacture carbon fibre Liquid Oxygen Tanks in the UK. The combined operations of Sutherland Spaceport and HyImpulse expected to support 813 jobs, contributing significantly to the nation’s workforce.

The substantial funding secured by Orbex and HyImpulse marks a significant step forward in the UK’s pursuit of becoming a major player in the global space industry. With a focus on eco-friendly practices and cutting-edge technology, these companies are poised to lead the nation into a new era of space exploration, creating jobs and establishing Britain as a hub for satellite launches.

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