Chifu Agritech Pvt Ltd, the force behind the business-to-business (B2B) fruits marketplace Vegrow, has reaped the rewards of a successful Series C funding round, securing a total of $46 million (approximately INR 383 crore). This strategic funding mix, featuring both primary and secondary infusions, marks a significant milestone for the Bengaluru-based startup, propelling it into a new phase of expansion and innovation.

Leading the charge in this funding endeavor is Singapore-based GIC, making its inaugural foray into India’s agritech sector with a substantial investment. Alongside GIC, existing investors demonstrated unwavering support, with Prosus Ventures, Matrix Partners India, Elevation Capital, and Lightspeed Venture Partners actively participating in the round. The collective backing underscores the confidence these investors have in Vegrow’s potential to reshape the agricultural landscape.

Vegrow has outlined ambitious plans for the newly acquired capital. The infusion of $46 million will be instrumental in not only expanding Vegrow’s footprint across India but also strengthening its global network. The strategic deployment of funds reflects Vegrow’s commitment to leveraging technology to address supply chain challenges and empower farmers.

Secondary Infusion and Angel Investor Exit

The Series C funding round featured a secondary infusion, offering a complete exit to many of the angel investors who initially supported Vegrow. This exit aligns with the startup’s growth trajectory, providing early supporters with a favorable return on their investment. Notable among those who partially exited the startup in this round are Ankur Capital, Titan Capital, and Better Capital.

Founded in 2020 by Praneeth Kumar, Mrudhukar Batchu, Kiran Naik, and Shobhit Jain, Vegrow has carved a niche for itself by offering a comprehensive suite of tech solutions. These solutions include crop advisory, grading, packaging, logistics, and sales, providing farmers with tools to navigate the complexities of the supply chain effectively. By harnessing data and technology, Vegrow aims to minimize perishable inventory wastage, achieve industry-leading profit margins, and empower farmers to optimize their operations.

Batchu highlighted the value proposition, stating, “Through the extensive utilization of data and technology, we provide valuable insights and optimize supply chain challenges, such as reducing perishable inventory wastage to only one-fourth of the industry average and consistently achieving industry-leading profit margins.”

Streamlining the Fragmented Ecosystem

Vegrow’s vision revolves around streamlining the highly fragmented and localized fruit cultivation ecosystem prevalent in India. The sector often involves multiple intermediaries facilitating transactions, leading to inefficiencies. Vegrow’s tech-driven approach aims to maximize farmers’ income by accurately grading produce and efficiently matching it with the most suitable demand channels, thus addressing key pain points in the agricultural supply chain.

Over the past year, Vegrow has witnessed impressive growth, with a reported five-fold increase in revenue. The startup’s commitment to operational efficiency has translated into achieving operational profitability. Vegrow’s success in scaling its operations and demonstrating financial resilience underscores the viability of its business model and the effectiveness of its technology-driven solutions.

Industry Landscape and Future Outlook

Vegrow’s Series C funding comes at a pivotal moment in India’s agritech landscape, where startups are increasingly harnessing technology to transform traditional farming practices. While agriculture in India has historically relied on archaic tools and has been susceptible to the unpredictable nuances of weather, the infusion of technology by agritech startups is ushering in a new era.

The broader agritech sector in India has been witnessing heightened activity from both investors and corporates. The pursuit of technological solutions to address age-old challenges in agriculture has sparked interest and investments. Notable examples include Ergos, which raised $10 million in a Series B funding round, and Leads Connect, securing INR 500 crore ($62.5 million) from FMCG major BL Agro Industries.

In conclusion, Vegrow’s latest funding round positions it as a key player in India’s agritech evolution. The infusion of $46 million not only validates the startup’s potential but also provides the necessary financial impetus to realize its expansion plans and further enhance its technological capabilities. As Vegrow continues to innovate and collaborate across the agricultural value chain, its journey promises to be a defining chapter in the narrative of India’s agritech revolution.

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