French medtech startup i-Virtual has announced the successful completion of its second funding round, raising €3 million and bringing the company’s total funding to €6.1 million. Headquartered in Metz, i-Virtual has pioneered the development of the first CE-certified Medical Device technology capable of measuring vital signs through a simple video selfie.

The breakthrough technology developed by i-Virtual allows for the measurement of cardio-respiratory and well-being parameters through a user-friendly video selfie. This innovative approach to health monitoring is particularly valuable in telemedicine, health prevention, and general well-being.

i-Virtual has already made a significant impact in the telemedicine sector, boasting clients across five European countries. The company is also forging strategic partnerships with prominent players in the automotive and aerospace industries, indicating the broad applicability of its technology beyond the healthcare sector.

Malakoff Humanis, a major player in the insurance sector, has joined i-Virtual as an investor through its Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) arm ‘MH Innov,’ in partnership with Elaia. i-Virtual is pleased to continue receiving support from its existing investors, Elaia and UI Investissement.

The startup has garnered additional backing from over a hundred Business Angels through a funding campaign on the TUDIGO crowdfunding platform. Furthermore, the Grand Est region is supporting i-Virtual’s growth through Bpifrance, providing funding as part of the “Grand Est – France 2030 regionalised” scheme.

According to Gaël Constancin, CEO of i-Virtual, the investment from Malakoff Humanis marks a crucial phase in the company’s growth. He stated, “This additional funding will enable us to accelerate the development of our products and consolidate our leading position in the market.”

Gauthier Lalande, Executive Director of MH Innov, highlighted the strategic alignment of Malakoff Humanis with i-Virtual’s vision. He expressed pride in supporting i-Virtual as a “French nugget in the health deeptech space” and emphasized the shared ambition of developing impactful digital health solutions, particularly in areas facing challenges in obtaining physical medical appointments.

The newly acquired funds will be instrumental in i-Virtual’s plans to expedite its commercial development across Europe. Additionally, the company aims to finalize its research and development efforts on camera-based blood pressure measurement. This advancement holds the promise of opening new frontiers in remote medical monitoring and cardiovascular disease prevention, further solidifying i-Virtual’s position as an innovator in the health tech landscape.

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