Digital metabolic care startup Twin Health has secured $50 million in funding led by Temasek, with participation from existing investors Sofina, ICONIQ Growth, Helena, and Peak XV. This funding comes two years after the company raised $140 million in Series C funding. Twin Health’s flagship product is the Whole Body Digital Twin, an AI-backed model designed to provide personalized nutrition, sleep, and activity guidelines to help individuals prevent and reverse metabolic diseases, including Type 2 diabetes.

Funding Details: Twin Health has raised $50 million in funding, with Temasek leading the round. Existing investors, including Sofina, ICONIQ Growth, Helena, and Peak XV, also participated.

Product Focus: The company’s flagship product is the Whole Body Digital Twin, an AI-driven model that aims to offer personalized guidance on nutrition, sleep, and activity. The goal is to help individuals prevent and reverse metabolic diseases, such as Type 2 diabetes.

Strategic Goals: Twin Health plans to use the funding to scale the availability of its transformative technology and expand its deployment to more health plans and employer partners. The objective is to achieve lower costs, better outcomes, and higher satisfaction among members and employees.

Market Landscape: Digital twin technology is gaining traction across various industries, including healthcare. Digital twins are expected to reshape society by 2035, with broad adoption in healthcare predicted within the next six years. Companies like Mesh Bio and Unlearn are also leveraging digital twin technology in the healthcare space.

Global Impact: The funding and strategic initiatives by Twin Health align with the broader trend of leveraging digital solutions to address metabolic diseases and enhance preventive care on a global scale.

Twin Health’s focus on digital metabolic care and the Whole Body Digital Twin underscores the growing importance of personalized, data-driven approaches to healthcare. The funding will enable the company to further scale its technology and contribute to the evolving landscape of digital health solutions.

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