IppoPay, a dynamic payment infrastructure provider catering to small businesses, has unveiled a strategic partnership with Visa, aiming to introduce small business credit cards. This collaboration is poised to uplift small business owners, fostering financial inclusion across tier II and III cities as well as rural areas in India.

Founded in November 2020, IppoPay has emerged as a key player in providing comprehensive financial solutions to its merchants. The platform offers business bank accounts, debit cards, and an end-to-end payments stack, empowering businesses, freelancers, homepreneurs, and individuals engaged in economic activities in tier II and III cities, along with rural areas.

The startup proudly asserts that it has played a pivotal role in enabling 500,000 offline merchants and daily income earners in the Indian tier II, tier III, and rural markets. By facilitating the acceptance of online payments, IppoPay has contributed to increasing the revenues of these businesses.

The partnership with Visa represents a significant leap forward for IppoPay in its mission to drive financial inclusion for all. Small business credit cards are poised to become a catalyst for economic growth and prosperity, providing small business owners with convenient and efficient financial tools to manage and expand their operations.

In the coming months, IppoPay is committed to further expanding its reach, enhancing its services, and advancing its mission of making financial inclusion a reality for a broader spectrum of businesses and individuals. The collaboration with Visa aligns with both companies’ shared vision of empowering small businesses and driving positive economic impact.

Visa, with its longstanding commitment to empowering small businesses globally, has recently achieved a remarkable milestone by empowering nearly 67 million micro and small businesses, surpassing its initial mission of reaching 50 million. The partnership with IppoPay is a testament to Visa’s dedication to supporting innovative fintech solutions that contribute to the growth and success of small businesses.

As IppoPay and Visa join forces, the stage is set for a transformative impact on the landscape of small business finance, driving economic empowerment and financial inclusion in diverse communities across India.

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