ZeroAvia, a leader in hydrogen-electric aviation, has successfully secured $116 million in its latest series C funding round. The funding was spearheaded by the UK Infrastructure Bank, and notable participation came from existing co-leads Airbus, Barclays Sustainable Impact Capital, and NEOM Investment Fund. Additionally, Breakthrough Energy Ventures, Horizons Ventures, Alaska Airlines, Ecosystem Integrity Fund, Summa Equity, AP Ventures, and Amazon Climate Pledge Fund joined forces to support ZeroAvia’s groundbreaking venture.

With this latest injection of capital, ZeroAvia has crossed the $256 million mark in total funding, further establishing its position as a trailblazer in sustainable aviation. The funding round, which took place in September, follows the company’s previous undisclosed financing.

Headquartered in both the UK and California, ZeroAvia is pioneering the development of hydrogen-electric engines that leverage hydrogen in fuel cells to generate electricity. The generated electricity powers motors that, in turn, drive the aircraft’s propellers. Remarkably, the only byproduct produced during flight is water, emphasizing the eco-friendly nature of ZeroAvia’s technology.

ZeroAvia has strategically set its initial focus on engines capable of supporting a 300-mile range in aircraft with nine to 19 seats, slated for deployment by the end of 2025. Subsequently, the company aims to advance its technology to engines supporting a range of up to 700 miles, catering to aircraft with 40-80 seats by 2027. Significantly, ZeroAvia has already secured engineering partnerships with major aircraft manufacturers and boasts nearly 2,000 engine pre-orders from leading airlines.

The freshly injected funds will play a pivotal role in certifying ZeroAvia’s first set of engines and driving further research and development efforts for engines designed for larger aircraft. The company’s commitment to advancing sustainable aviation aligns with the global push toward achieving net-zero carbon emissions.

Ian Brown, Head of Banking and Investments at the UK Infrastructure Bank, emphasized the critical role of private investment in steering the aviation and hydrogen sectors towards net-zero emissions. He noted that by instilling confidence in investors, the UK Infrastructure Bank’s equity contribution aims to catalyze private investment, fostering the ongoing development of cutting-edge technology. This strategic initiative is expected to have a ripple effect, encouraging the growth and deployment of hydrogen technology in other challenging-to-decarbonize sectors. The funding secured by ZeroAvia serves as a testament to the industry’s recognition of the pivotal role hydrogen-electric aviation can play in the quest for sustainable and environmentally conscious air travel.

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