Gurgaon-based startup Zyla Health has successfully raised $4 million in its Series A funding round. The funding was led by Exfinity Venture Partners, with noteworthy participation from Sony Innovation Fund, Venture Catalysts, and Aureolis, spearheaded by Paula Mariwala.

Zyla Health, a pioneer in the health-tech space, has outlined ambitious plans for the utilization of the freshly secured funds. The company aims to expedite its growth trajectory across three pivotal verticals: insurance, corporates, and big pharma. Additionally, the funds will be strategically deployed for product integrations within the healthcare ecosystem, with a focus on scalability.

This recent funding round follows Zyla’s successful pre-Series A round in July of the previous year, where the platform secured $1 million with the backing of a group of angel investors. Among its institutional investors are prominent names such as Kae Capital, Secocha Ventures, Canara Bank Ventures, and Seeders.

Zyla Health distinguishes itself through its innovative platform designed to empower personalized care for individuals dealing with chronic health conditions. This is facilitated through the support of Zyla’s in-house care team. The platform stands out for its seamless integration across the healthcare ecosystem, utilizing APIs to connect with client data lakes, diagnostic vendors, and smart devices, thereby enhancing scalability.

Khushboo Aggarwal, the founder and CEO of Zyla Health, expressed her enthusiasm about the recent developments, stating, “It is a very exciting time at Zyla; we have witnessed 300% year-on-year growth and 100% retention of our key B2B accounts in the last one year. With a fantastic leadership team by our side and the new fuel for growth, we are ready to truly revolutionize healthcare delivery in India.”

The allocation of funds for accelerating growth in insurance, corporates, and big pharma underscores Zyla Health’s commitment to addressing diverse segments within the healthcare sector. The platform’s strategic approach involves seamless integration into existing client data lakes and collaboration with diagnostic vendors and smart devices to create a comprehensive healthcare solution.

Over the past year, Zyla Health has successfully onboarded several new clients, including notable names such as Max Life Insurance, HDFC Ergo, Pfizer, Zydus, IBM, DHL, Godrej, GEP, and others. Zyla Health takes pride in its ability to contribute to the improvement of health outcomes for high-risk individuals, subsequently reducing insurance claims and premiums for corporates. Furthermore, the platform aims to enhance medication outcomes and adherence for pharmaceutical drug users, positioning itself as a key player in revolutionizing healthcare delivery in India.

The company’s growth trajectory is underscored by an impressive 300% year-on-year growth, highlighting the increasing demand for innovative health-tech solutions in the Indian market. Zyla Health’s dedication to maintaining a 100% retention rate for key B2B accounts further emphasizes the platform’s reliability and effectiveness in meeting the evolving needs of its clientele.

With the infusion of $4 million in Series A funding, Zyla Health is poised to embark on a new phase of expansion and innovation. The funds not only validate the platform’s success and potential but also position it as a frontrunner in reshaping healthcare delivery in India. As Zyla Health continues to build on its foundation of personalized care and seamless integration, it is set to play a pivotal role in the transformative journey of the Indian healthcare landscape.

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