, an AI-based monetization platform for social media creators, has announced its commitment to offering a guaranteed hourly monetization rate for creators with over 100,000 followers. Co-founded by former Twitter India head Manish Maheshwar, aims to redefine the landscape of creator earnings through enhanced AI capabilities and a unique approach to personalized and premium experiences. asserts that its enhanced AI capabilities empower an average creator with 100,000 followers to generate an impressive $54 per hour. This rate surpasses industry giants such as Instagram ($22), Twitch ($16), YouTube ($15), and Spotify ($4), marking a significant shift in the monetization dynamics for content creators. The platform leverages advanced AI features, including pricing optimization, superfan visibility, content insights, and creation assistance, to offer a higher monetization rate compared to the broader industry.

AI-Enabled Features Driving Monetization Success stands out by incorporating innovative AI-enabled features that go beyond conventional monetization strategies. These features include:

Pricing Optimization: Utilizing AI algorithms to optimize pricing strategies, ensuring creators maximize their earnings potential.

Superfan Visibility: Enhancing the visibility of creators among their most dedicated fans, fostering deeper connections and increased support.

Content Insights: Providing creators with valuable insights into audience preferences, enabling them to tailor content for maximum engagement.

Creation Assistance: Offering AI-driven support to creators in content creation, streamlining processes and enhancing overall output.’s claim of outperforming industry giants prompts a closer look at the comparative monetization landscape. The platform’s data-driven approach and AI sophistication have positioned it as a frontrunner in ensuring creators receive fair compensation for their content. This shift challenges traditional norms and sets a new standard for the value of digital content.

The Challenge of Creator Earnings

According to data shared by, a significant portion of creators currently face financial challenges. The statistics reveal that 67% of creators earn less than $25,000 annually, and a staggering 25% make less than $1,000 a year. aims to address this issue by providing creators with a platform that not only guarantees hourly earnings but also introduces innovative revenue streams beyond brand endorsements and advertising.

One of’s unique features is its coin-based ecosystem designed to simplify the transaction process. SuperFans, the dedicated followers of creators on the platform, can easily purchase coins to spend on their favorite creators. This streamlined approach adds a layer of simplicity to the financial transactions within the platform, enhancing the overall user experience.

The Growing Community of Creators on

Launched earlier this year, has rapidly gained traction and currently boasts a community of over 650 creators. These creators have follower bases ranging from 100,000 to 10 million, showcasing the platform’s appeal across various content genres. Notable creators on include Sangram Singh, Anveshi Jain, Nikki Tamboli, Shivin Narang, and Neha Malik.’s journey is steered by a team of industry veterans and visionaries. Co-founder Manish Maheshwar, with his experience as the former Twitter India head, brings a deep understanding of the social media landscape. The other co-founders, Saurabh Kushwah (former product head of Network 18) and Azim Lalani (former chief operating officer of Network 18 Digital), contribute a wealth of expertise to the platform’s development and growth.

Strategic Partnership with JetSynthesys

Earlier this year, Pune-based digital entertainment company JetSynthesys acquired a majority stake in, marking a strategic move in the digital entertainment space. While specific details of the acquisition remain undisclosed, this partnership positions for further growth and innovation. JetSynthesys, known for raising a total funding of $94 million over eight rounds, brings valuable resources and support to’s ambitious vision.

In conclusion,’s commitment to offering guaranteed hourly monetization rates, coupled with its advanced AI-enabled features, marks a significant advancement in the realm of creator earnings. The platform’s data-driven approach, comparative performance, and strategic partnerships position it as a formidable player in the evolving landscape of social media monetization. As the platform continues to grow its community of creators and enhance its features, is poised to leave a lasting impact on how content creators are compensated for their contributions to the digital world.

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