Global tech giant Google is reportedly in advanced talks to invest approximately USD 4 million in, a homegrown conversational artificial intelligence startup. Recent media reports suggest that the investment is poised to further propel’s ambitious endeavors in the realm of indigenous language models. has earned distinction as one of the few Indian startups actively engaged in developing a large language model (LLM) known as BharatGPT. This sophisticated language model supports over a dozen Indian languages, reflecting the startup’s commitment to linguistic diversity and inclusion.

According to sources, Google has already committed a non-equity funding of USD 500,000 to, as part of an agreement signed earlier this year. The current discussions regarding a substantial equity investment of USD 4 million come on the heels of the imminent official launch of BharatGPT, expected in the coming weeks. If the deal proceeds as anticipated, the new investment is slated to materialize by December.

The partnership between Google and extends beyond a mere financial transaction. Google, functioning as a ‘strategic partner,’ not only invests in but also provides the startup with credits to access cloud computing resources. The forthcoming cash infusion is earmarked for scaling up BharatGPT, solidifying its position as a cutting-edge language model catering to diverse linguistic preferences.

While Google and have refrained from official comments on the ongoing discussions, industry observers are keenly watching the developments unfold. If finalized, this investment holds the potential to catalyze’s growth trajectory and fortify its standing in the competitive AI landscape.

Founded in 2016, has garnered recognition for its Generative AI initiatives, earning accolades from influential figures, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi and other global leaders. The company’s mission revolves around enabling users to interact with systems in a manner akin to conversing with an intelligent individual. This goal has garnered support from a roster of resell partners, including Google, Microsoft, Mahindra, Accenture, KPMG, UI Path, Automation Anywhere, IRCTC, Finastra, and more.

As Google explores deeper ties with, the potential investment not only signifies a financial boost but also underscores the collaborative efforts to advance the capabilities of BharatGPT and push the boundaries of conversational AI innovation on a global scale. The coming months will undoubtedly witness the unfolding of a transformative chapter in the synergy between one of the world’s tech giants and an Indian AI trailblazer.

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