Earlywork, the platform focused on preparing job-ready sales talent, has successfully raised $1.5 million in a recent Seed funding round. The round was spearheaded by No Brand, a family fund led by Ari and Lucy Klinger, and saw participation from Jelix Ventures, Archangel Ventures, Ultraviolet Ventures, and notable individuals such as MYOB’s Paul Robson, Bond Capital’s Jay Simons, OIF partner David Shein, and others, including founders and sales executives.

This injection of capital will play a pivotal role in accelerating Earlywork’s global expansion plans, with a primary focus on entering the Singaporean market. Additionally, the funds will be utilized for new hires, particularly in the customer success department. Founded by Dan Brockwell, Jono Herman, and Marina Wu, Earlywork initially started as a careers newsletter in early 2021 but quickly evolved into Australia’s premier tech bootcamp, known as Earlywork Academy. Notably, this academy ensures job guarantees in tech sales, and its success is evident in the impressive outcomes of its first cohort, where all participants secured sales roles with an average salary exceeding $101,000 within a month.

Dan Brockwell emphasized the immense opportunity Earlywork envisions in creating the default credential for the upcoming generation of business talent in the tech industry. He pointed out a crucial gap in the existing education landscape, where a majority (58%) of tech roles are non-technical, and there is a lack of structured pathways for individuals to acquire these skills, a void that Earlywork aims to fill.

In response to the shifting strategies of tech companies from growth to profitability, the demand for high-quality sales talent has surged. Historically, universities have not been successful in imparting sales skills, forcing employers to bear the burden of training. Earlywork aims to address this challenge by building a global business school tailored for the tech industry.

While the Australian government and the Tech Council of Australia are targeting the creation of over 300,000 new tech jobs by 2030, Earlywork is actively contributing to the sector’s growth by focusing on training and employment opportunities for entry-level tech workers. The platform’s unique approach has attracted individuals from diverse backgrounds, including hospitality, retail, glazing, rope access, and door-to-door sales, successfully transitioning them into tech sales roles where they have achieved remarkable success.

Dan Brockwell highlighted Earlywork’s commitment to providing more than just swift hiring solutions. The platform collaborates with startups like Shippit, Eftsure, BuildPass, and Yotpo, facilitating the recruitment of sales talent that onboards faster, performs exceptionally well, and exhibits greater job retention. He emphasized Earlywork’s distinctive education model, which starts with the needs of employers and tailors its curriculum in collaboration with sales leaders, ensuring that talent is equipped with the skills companies truly require.

As Earlywork continues to redefine the landscape of tech sales education, the recent Seed funding round will undoubtedly fuel its expansion endeavors and reinforce its mission of building a globally recognized educational institution for tech business talent.

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