In a bid to foster innovation and nurture the growth of the BNB Chain ecosystem, Binance Labs and BNB Chain proudly announce the launch of the seventh season of the Most Valuable Builder (MVB) accelerator program. This season, the program introduces a groundbreaking Founder Track, aiming to incubate 100 early-stage projects that tackle real-world challenges.

MVB, initiated in 2021, has been a testament to the commitment of Binance Labs and BNB Chain in supporting builders and propelling the evolution of the BNB Chain ecosystem. Building on past successes, the organizers are thrilled to welcome CMC Labs as a strategic partner for this season, enhancing the program’s impact and reach.

Dual Tracks: Startup and Founder

The MVB program now operates on dual tracks – the well-established Startup Track and the newly introduced Founder Track. The Startup Track continues its mission of providing tailored support to early-stage startups in the Web 3.0 space. Simultaneously, the Founder Track operates as a venture studio, dedicating resources to incubate 100 innovative ideas.

With CMC Labs joining the MVB program, participants can leverage the strategic insights and resources offered by CMC Labs in conjunction with the mentorship and support from Binance Labs and BNB Chain. This collaboration aims to create a synergistic environment that fosters groundbreaking projects and accelerates their deployment on BNB Chain.

Bridging Innovators and Investors

Binance Labs, known for its venture capital and incubation initiatives, acknowledges the transformative impact of early-stage collaborations with visionary founders and builder teams. Past success stories, including Celestia, Injective Labs, Polygon, and SafePal, highlight the power of such collaborations. The Founder Track seeks to replicate this success by identifying builders passionate about addressing real-world challenges.

The MVB Founder Track invites innovative collaborations across various focus areas, including but not limited to SocialFi, on-chain games, AI-powered DApps, digital identity and reputation, and payment rails using BNB Chain. The scope extends to emerging technologies such as ZK coprocessors, security and privacy solutions, and content/data platforms utilizing BNB Greenfield.

The Founder Track is designed to empower builders aspiring to become founders. It offers a platform for proposing new business ideas or collaborating on existing initiatives. Selected projects will receive support from Binance Labs, gaining access to mentorship, resources, and the opportunity to deploy their ventures on the BNB Chain.

As the MVB program enters its seventh season, the introduction of the Founder Track marks a significant milestone in the evolution of Binance Labs and BNB Chain’s commitment to fostering innovation. By incubating 100 early-stage projects, the program aims to unlock the full potential of BNB Chain, solidifying its position as a hub for transformative and impactful blockchain projects.

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