Naver D2 Startup Factory (D2SF), a tech startup investment and support project, has recently disclosed its strategic investment in, a startup specializing in AI operations automation. This investment reflects Naver’s commitment to advancing AI capabilities and fostering innovation in the tech startup landscape. is at the forefront of developing AutoMLOps, a machine-learning automation system that streamlines the entire process of implementing and managing AI models for businesses. AutoMLOps offers comprehensive support throughout the AI application cycle, encompassing data processing and training, model exploration and performance validation, optimization, and service deployment.

One notable feature of AutoMLOps is its ability to significantly reduce the manpower and costs associated with introducing and maintaining AI models. Moreover, it maximizes AI performance by tailoring solutions to the specific needs of businesses, positioning itself as a rapidly growing player in the global AI industry.

The efficiency of’s AutoMLOps sets it apart from other solutions currently available. Internal tests have demonstrated its advantages in model exploration and training times compared to solutions offered by major global tech companies such as Google and Microsoft. Additionally, the platform excels in data security, enhancing its competitiveness in the market.

As part of its strategy, is gearing up to target diverse companies interested in adopting AI technologies. The startup has already secured partnerships with notable entities, including Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology, Cheil Worldwide, and StradVision, showcasing its ability to generate revenue rapidly and validate its market viability. has also established a robust business network in North America and has ambitious plans for expansion in the United States. The startup aims to play a pivotal role in making AI technologies practical and effective for real-world business applications.

Yang Sang-hwan, the leader of Naver D2SF, emphasized the challenges businesses face in implementing and operating AI technologies. He expressed confidence in’s potential to address these challenges and grow into an essential company that creates tangible value in real-world scenarios, transcending technological achievements alone.

This strategic investment by Naver D2SF underscores the importance of AI operations automation and positions as a key player in driving innovation and practical applications of AI in various business settings. The collaboration between Naver D2SF and holds the promise of shaping the future landscape of AI technologies and their integration into diverse industries.

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