Amazon India and the Inland Waterways Authority of India (IWAI) have embarked on a groundbreaking collaboration, signifying a paradigm shift in the logistics landscape of the country. The strategic partnership, formalized through a memorandum of understanding (MoU), is set to revolutionize package shipment by harnessing the vast potential of India’s inland waterways.

In a blog post dated November 22, Amazon India detailed the key aspects of this industry-first initiative, outlining its commitment to exploring containerized cargo movement and establishing a robust network for cargo shipment through the extensive inland waterways that crisscross the nation.

As part of this pioneering collaboration, Amazon India and IWAI will work hand in hand to integrate inland waterways seamlessly into Amazon’s intricate supply chain. The initial phase of this ambitious endeavor will witness a pilot run on the Patna to Kolkata waterway, traversing National Waterway 1. This strategic move aligns with the Indian government’s focus on enhancing cargo movement through river systems, a sustainable and cost-effective mode of transport.

India boasts an impressive network of 111 notified national inland waterways, covering a staggering 20,275.5 km and facilitating the transportation of nearly 55 million tonnes of cargo annually, according to government statistics. The collaborative effort between Amazon India and IWAI aims to tap into this extensive waterway network to redefine the logistics landscape of the ecommerce sector.

Minister of Ports, Shipping, and Waterways, Sarbananda Sonowal, hailed the MoU with Amazon India as a significant stride towards unlocking the potential of India’s inland water transport. Emphasizing the government’s commitment to promoting cargo movement through river systems, Sonowal highlighted the environmental sustainability and economic viability of inland water transport.

The strategic collaboration comes almost a year after Amazon India’s launch of its air cargo network, Amazon Air, in the country. The initiative utilized the complete cargo capacity of a Boeing 737-800 aircraft to expedite deliveries. Abhinav Singh, Vice President of Operations at Amazon India, expressed enthusiasm about the inland waterways initiative, characterizing it as a transformative offering with the potential to reshape logistics dynamics for all ecommerce companies operating in India.

Singh reiterated Amazon’s dedication to its global mission of revolutionizing logistics and emphasized the intent to harness India’s rivers, canals, and other water bodies to enhance the efficiency of logistics and transportation within the Indian ecommerce industry. With this strategic move, Amazon India further solidifies its logistical footprint, seamlessly integrating land, air, and inland waterways into its expansive network.

The company has been proactive in expanding its export capacity from India, aligning with reports that indicate a targeted $20 billion in exports from the country by 2025. This strategic collaboration with IWAI positions Amazon India at the forefront of innovation in the logistics sector, setting the stage for a new era in ecommerce operations in the country.

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