Divergent Technologies has secured a staggering $230 million in its Series D funding round, spearheaded by a substantial $100 million investment from Hexagon AB. This substantial influx of capital is earmarked to propel the widespread adoption of Divergent’s digital manufacturing system, a groundbreaking approach integrating generative AI and 3D printing technologies.

Based in Los Angeles, Divergent Technologies specializes in revolutionizing industrial digital manufacturing through a unique software-hardware production system. This innovative solution stands poised to disrupt conventional design, manufacturing, and assembly methodologies. At its core, Divergent’s system leverages proprietary AI-driven generative design software and cutting-edge 3D printing capabilities to fabricate products and structures spanning diverse sectors, including automotive, aerospace, and defense.

Hexagon AB’s leadership in the Series D funding, contributing a substantial $100 million to the $230 million total, underscores the strategic significance of Divergent’s advancements in the manufacturing landscape. The funding round also saw active participation from both new and existing institutional and family office investors.

Divergent Technologies has already established noteworthy collaborations with prominent automotive entities, counting Aston Martin and Mercedes-AMG among its clients. Furthermore, the company has made significant inroads into the aerospace and defense sector, with ongoing collaborations involving six U.S. government contractors.

The heart of Divergent’s approach lies in embracing the “4D Age,” ushering in a new era characterized by fully digitized design-manufacturing-assembly as a service. This transformative paradigm promises dematerialized products, reducing reliance on materials and energy. Additionally, it champions distributed regional production and aims to democratize access to essential tools, data, and production assets crucial for driving innovation in the human-built world.

Founder and CEO Kevin Czinger expressed enthusiasm about the pivotal shift ushered in by the company’s approach. “We now have entered the ‘4D Age’ of fully digitized design-manufacturing-assembly as a service, dematerialized products using and requiring less material and energy, distributed regional production, and democratized access to the tools, data, and production assets necessary for innovation in our human-built world,” stated Czinger.

This substantial Series D funding is expected to serve as a catalyst, empowering Divergent Technologies to scale its operations and drive the adoption of its cutting-edge digital manufacturing system across various industries. As the company continues to redefine the manufacturing landscape, the strategic infusion of capital positions it to be a key player in shaping the future of industrial production.

In conclusion, Divergent Technologies’ successful Series D funding marks a significant milestone in the evolution of digital manufacturing. With Hexagon AB’s substantial backing and a clear vision for the “4D Age,” Divergent is poised to leave an indelible mark on the industry, propelling the adoption of its innovative solutions and reshaping the future of manufacturing.

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