360 One Asset Management Ltd, a private equity fund, has made a strategic investment of $6 million (approximately Rs 50 crore) into Hearing Solutions Pvt Ltd, the company behind the Hearzap chain of hearing aid centers. The capital infusion is intended to fuel Hearzap’s expansion across India over the next three years, the company revealed in an official statement.

The surge in hearing health issues has spurred Hearzap to lead the way in innovative tech-driven solutions tailored to the diverse requirements of individuals affected by hearing impairments. With the financial and strategic support of 360 One, backed by its profound healthcare sector expertise, Hearzap is poised to introduce groundbreaking technology and services that will transform the approach to hearing health-related concerns. Selvaraj Rajapandian, the founder and managing director of Hearzap, commented on the development, underlining the company’s commitment to revolutionizing the field of hearing health.

Veda Corporate Advisors acted as the exclusive financial advisor for the transaction. Notably, this marks the maiden investment made by 360 One’s private equity fund, which maintains a sharp focus on the healthcare and life sciences sectors, a detail previously reported by VCCircle.

Nidhi Ghuman, Senior Executive Vice President at 360 One Asset Management Ltd, shed light on the attractiveness of the hearing health sector and the forward-looking approach of Hearzap. She emphasized Hearzap’s pioneering role in offering hearing health solutions in India, now extending its impact through technology to provide products and services at scale.

Hearzap’s comprehensive offerings extend beyond hearing care solutions, with the company having developed a digital audiology application suite. This application allows for virtual shopping for hearing aids and remote diagnostics, combining innovation and convenience for users. In its mission to provide high-quality hearing care, Hearzap has assembled a dedicated team of over 100 audiologists and established a presence with more than 90 audiology clinics and hearing experience stores across seven states.

About Hearing Solutions

With over four decades of experience, Hearing Solutions is a client-focused audiology clinic, offering speech, hearing, and medical services throughout Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and Tamil Nadu. Hearing Solutions clinics are equipped with the latest and most advanced audiological equipment, including digital hearing aids, hearing aid accessories, and solutions for various types of hearing loss. Their commitment to addressing hearing health challenges and enhancing the quality of life for individuals with hearing impairments has established Hearing Solutions as a trusted and leading player in the industry.

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