Straive, a key player in assisting organizations in the process of converting data into insights, knowledge, and AI-driven solutions, has announced its acquisition of Gramener, an award-winning data science firm known for its design-centric approach. This strategic move is aimed at bolstering Straive’s data, analytics, and AI capabilities and reinforcing its position as a leader in operationalizing the data-to-AI value chain. Straive is part of BPEA EQT, a subsidiary of EQT, a global investment organization with a strong focus on active ownership strategies.

Gramener’s Data Science Expertise

Gramener has earned recognition for its ability to address complex business challenges through the creation of compelling data-driven narratives. They utilize a low-code AI-powered platform to assist clients across diverse industries, including Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences, Logistics & Manufacturing, ESG, and Technology & Consulting. One of Gramener’s strengths lies in their AI-led platform, which harnesses technologies such as Computer Vision, Natural Language Programming (NLP), Natural Language Generation (NLG), and Spatial Analytics.

Straive’s Value Proposition

Straive specializes in helping clients enhance customer experiences, offerings, and operations by integrating data-driven insights and expert knowledge into digital and AI technologies. The company focuses on the operationalization of AI with experts in the loop, ensuring that their clients can rapidly advance their data and AI-powered transformation journey.

An Enhanced Data Value Chain

Namit Sureka, President and Chief Analytics & AI Officer at Straive, emphasized the complementarity of Gramener’s expertise with Straive’s existing capabilities along the data value chain. He anticipates that Gramener’s team of experts, known for their innovation and high energy, will further strengthen Straive’s market positioning and create significant value for clients.

Gramener’s Vision

Anand S, Co-Founder and CEO of Gramener, expressed his excitement about the merger with Straive and highlighted the potential to develop differentiated, end-to-end offerings, spanning from data to AI. He sees this partnership as a catalyst for accelerating their vision of enterprise decision-making powered by insightful data stories.

Expanded Data Services

Naveen Gattu, Co-Founder and COO of Gramener, pointed out the alignment between the two companies in their commitment to delivering data and AI-driven growth. The collaboration with Straive enables Gramener to offer comprehensive data services, covering data extraction and engineering, data science, visualization, and AI. This positions them advantageously as they continue to create value for their clients.

Financial Advisory and Closing Conditions

Avendus Capital Private Limited served as the exclusive financial advisor to Gramener throughout the acquisition process. The completion of the acquisition is subject to customary closing conditions, including the required antitrust clearances.


Straive’s acquisition of Gramener signifies a strategic move to enhance its data-driven capabilities and strengthen its position as a leader in operationalizing the data-to-AI value chain. By combining Gramener’s design-led data science expertise with Straive’s operational knowledge, the partnership aims to deliver comprehensive data services and innovative AI solutions to clients across various industries. This acquisition is a testament to the growing significance of data and AI in the business world, where insights and actionable knowledge are pivotal for informed decision-making and competitive advantage.

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